5 Beautiful Journals For Mapping Your Wellness Journey


Life is busy (and then there’s Instagram) but how often do we actually stop to think about what really makes us happy? We’ve put together a list of five ‘wellness journals’: diaries that encourage you to pause and reflect on the details of your day-to-day life, and empower you to make it even more awesome.


The Happiness Planner is all about maximising your happiness through mindfulness, positive-thinking and self-awareness. They say the best way to stick at something is to track your progress: by encouraging you to set yourself goals, record your moods and reflect on each day, The Happiness Planner helps you to focus on the positive whilst working on ways to banish the negative, and most importantly, to do more of what makes you happy!

The SMART PLANNER is also a lovely alternative – £18.90, buy here.

£25, buy here.

Happiness Planner


The Dailygreatness Journal comes in four different guises, so whether you want to overhaul your health and fitness or get the most out of your business, there’s a diary perfectly suited to you. Full of inspirational quotes and weekly check-in questions such as ‘What can I do to feel more inspired each day?’, the Dailygreatness Journal helps you to build better habits in order to fulfil your potential and smash your goals.

£34.95, buy here.

Daily Greatness Journal


The Q&A a day journal asks you a different question every day for a year; once you’ve completed a year, you go back and repeat. With questions ranging from ‘On a scale of one to ten, how happy are you?’ to ‘What was peaceful about today?’ you can look back and compare your answers, reflect on your happiest times and work on incorporating more of that goodness into every day.

£10.49, buy here.

Q and A 5 year journal

Image: Amy Antoinette


Wellness is all about looking after your body and your mind, and this journal is an excellent reminder to do both! The journal is broken up into six sections including diet, exercise, personal goals and inspiration, and you’ll soon notice that paying attention to one area leads to taking greater care of another – a happy body = a happy mind and vice versa.

£11.69, buy here.

Moleskin Wellness Journal

Image: Being Pretty Strong


Similar to the Q&A a day journal, but with a twist: the gratitude journal asks you to focus on the things that you are grateful for each day, however small, and record them. Whether we’ve had a particularly stressful week at work or got caught up comparing our lives to others, we’re all guilty at times of focusing on the negative – so this diary is a perfect excuse to pause and remind ourselves of everything we have to be grateful for!

£9.73, buy here. Gratitude Journal


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