5 Simple Morning Rituals To Get Your Skin Glowing

Start practising these five simple daily rituals as part of your morning routine. Warning: your skin will glow.

1. Fresh Lemon in Filtered Water
Starting your day with a big glass of filtered water with fresh lemon juice is a key to healthier liver function, and healthy liver function is a key to beautiful, glowing skin. As well as being alkalising when diluted with water, lemons are full of antioxidants and vitamin C which both promote a more radiant complexion. Tip: buy organic lemons if you can – try Whole Foods Market, Planet Organic or As Nature Intended or the organic section of your local store. 

2. Dry Brush Your Skin
The weather is warming up and the legs are out! Make sure you aren’t sporting any winter scales by initiating the daily practice of dry brushing. Get yourself a natural bamboo brush from any health food store or pharmacy, and whilst you wait for the shower water to run hot… get brushing! Gentle, repetitive strokes, towards your heart, to stimulate the lymphatic system. Take care of your largest organ and you’ll have smoother skin, improved circulation and reduce the appearance of cellulite. You’ll be tingling all over and even your kidneys will be thanking you! Tip: Make sure you buy a natural brush with a natural bristle like bamboo – Muji stock a long-handled option which is perfect for reaching your back.  

3. Gratitude Journal
The science of happiness has uncovered that people who actively focus on gratitude and write down three things every day for which they are grateful, are happier! Over time your brain becomes accustomed to thinking more positively… and guess what?! Positive people glow! Tip: download the ‘Day One App’ and dedicate it to your gratitude list. 

4. Oil Pulling
Take a teaspoon full of pure organic coconut oil and let it melt in your mouth. Get swishin’ for about 20 mins, pulling it between your teeth. It may seem like a long time, but you can do this while you’re in the shower or doing your hair. In addition to being a natural teeth whitener, research shows that oil pulling contributes to better gum health (it’s not a replacement for brushing), is anti-bacterial, and can even help with hormonal imbalances and asthma. A practice that originated in India thousands of years ago, it also promotes healthy, glowing skin. Make sure you spit the oil into the bin when you’re done to avoid drain blockages! Tip: our favourite is Lucy Bee Organic Coconut Oil!

5. Green Juice
So your Instagram feed is inundated with liquified leaves in mason jars? The secret is out… green juice is the way of the future. Free your body from the caffeine reliance and kick-start your day with a cucumber/kale combo! Your body will sing and if you keep it up, your skin will be guaranteed to glow. Tip: Google ‘green juice recipe’; you’ll get just short of 40 million search returns! The dream. 

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