5 Virtual Workouts You Should Definitely Be Trying At Home

When leaving the comfort of your own home is simply not an option (insert excuse of choice here) it doesn’t mean your daily dose of fitness has to go out the window.

That magical place we like to call the World Wide Web is just a few clicks away from sorting you out with a workout that’s sure to leave you feeling more sore and sweaty than a 12 round fight with Mike Tyson.

To save you from falling into a Google search-related frenzy we’ve scoured the net to bring you a selection of new, cool virtual workouts that can be enjoyed anywhere – just don’t forget to warn your housemates before it gets awkward!


Inspired by the Icelandic lifestyle (minus the freezing conditions) the Viking Method rests on a mix of anaerobic and aerobic resistance training that aims to shock the body´s metabolism through different intervals and high intensity styles. Think crawling, lots of jumps and the infinitely evil burpee.

The online classes cater to all levels of fitness and come with nutritional articles, recipes and monthly challenges so you’ll have plenty of support. However, spotting the tagline ‘Welcome to Valhalla dearest Viking. Get ready to go Berserk’ left us absolutely terrified.

If you’ve got more balls than us, you can get your Viking on here: www.thevikingmethod.com/pricing/online-training/


With a ridiculously huge library of workouts on offer (from body combat to Grit) Les Mills On Demand is definitely one for the more adventurous (or fickle) fitness fanatic.

Each workout is based on one of their fitness classes currently on offer around the world and whichever you choose the aim is the same – to help you lose weight, build lean muscle and improve your overall performance.

There’s even a dance class, which you can take part in safe in the knowledge that nobody else will ever have the misfortune of witnessing.

To workout and bust a move on demand, follow the link: www.lesmills.com/ondemand/


As if providing awesome workout gear wasn’t enough, the crew over at Sweaty Betty have spoilt us again with a selection of free workouts that see them partnering up with some of the hottest names in the game.

Barry’s Bootcamp, Frame and Hiitgirl all make an appearance alongside a whole dedicated yoga section, so all moods are catered for.

The only downside is nobody will get to see you rocking your favourite Sweaty Betty leggings while your working out.

Sweat yourself silly here: www.sweatybetty.com/free-online-workout-videos/


Before you ask, no you don’t need a barre to be installed in your home to join in with this one. Instead, the online classes from Barreworks revolve around exercises that include static movements, isometric holds, core strengthening and stretching, using a chair in place of a barre.

There are three levels to choose from and short instructional videos on technique for those of us who need the extra guidance.

And be warned it may be ballet, but be prepared to feel the burn.

To find out more take a look at the website: www.barreworks.co.uk/online-workouts


If you fancy being part of the coolest club in town and simply can’t ‘accept the mystery’ – then the Skinny Bitch Collective is waiting to welcome you with open arms (and slow motion jump squats). The workouts are updated weekly, the backing music is carefully curated. Whilst it does cost a pretty penny, you don’t need a VIP pass to take part.

Brought to you by Russell Bateman, the man behind many a supermodel’s physique, you can expect to see moves aimed at promoting lean, strong bodies, so lots of squats, push-ups and lunges all with a hardcore twist.

If you suffer from a case of gymtimidation, you’ll get none of that here.

To join the collective check out the official site: www.thesbcollective.com/experience/

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