6 Eco-Fashion Brands Offering Sustainable Style


Being eco-friendly has never been cooler: and with these 6 sustainable fashion labels we’re about keeping you on top of your wellness-warrior game, whilst treating the planet right (which truly is the new black).

Fashion is simultaneously one of the most thriving and wasteful industries in the world. With around eighty-billion garments being produced across the globe every year there’s a huge amount of waste: 1 trillion gallons of water, 33 trillion gallons of oil, and 20 billion pounds of chemicals annually. If loving the planet is as important to you as loving your body, then it might be time to get yourself onto these brands, and start making your wardrobe as organic as the strawberries in your fridge.

The Reformation

The Reformation is high fashion with a message. They’ve cottoned on to the damaging effects of the fashion industry (pun intended) and created a label that keeps your clothes chic and planet-loving. Found and CEO Yael Aflalo has said no to synthetic fabrics that take up to 200 years (!!) to biodegrade, and instead uses rescued deadstock fabrics and repurposed vintage clothes. Their favourite fabric? A semi-synthetic fiber called Tencel: the “holy grail” for those trying to keep their clothes as clean and pesticide free as their diets.

The styles go from Coachella-hippie vibes to done up eco-friendly dolls. They even have wedding-style dresses made from recycled silk for your next big event. For Earth Day 2015 the Reformation launched their Low Carb Collection; no that isn’t another no-bread diet, low Carbon Dioxide is the wagon that they’re on. Shop the collection here (with free worldwide shipping) and upload a picture of your favourite carb (um, hello pizza) and tag it with #CarbChallenge to raise awareness about the wrong kind of carbs.



Image: The Reformation

Wool and the Gang

Fashion #madeunique, in the home, by human hands, no robots.

It’s time to flash back to all those times your Grandma untangled the huge knot that barely managed to pass as “a scarf” and get your knit on! We promise you’ll get the hang of it.

Each Wool and the Gang garment can be bought premade by the Gang or in a knit kit to be made by your own busy little fingers. Both options provide a sustainable re-look at the fashion industry with all the premade items #madeunique by knitters around the world to put a stop to mass-production. Girls and guys across the globe are stocking-stitching and weaving in their ends to give a very different definition of Gangsta and we’re loving it.

Founders and fashion rebels Aurelie Popper and Jade Harwood are changing the way fashion is delivered to your door. Not only is everything handmade, but all of the materials are natural, renewable and biodegradable. “We created Wool and the Gang out of a passion for incredible design that’s produced in a sustainable way,” say the girls. They’re looking fashion wastage in the eye and waving it a way with a couple of 15mm needles and some Crazy Sexy Wool. What are you waiting for? Get knitting!


Wool and the Gang

Image: Wool and the Gang

Asos’ The Green Room

Just like organic strawberries and cold pressed juice, we know that sometimes buying the stuff that’s good for the earth isn’t so good for your wallet. A solution? Met Asos’ Eco edit “The Green Room”! With clothes and accessories ranging from £10 to £180, it’s a much more budget-friendly option.

The edit is dedicated to collections with an ethical or eco-conscious message behind them. Asos being Asos, they’ve got everything. From hand soaps to loafers and reclaimed vintage dresses, they’ve put all your planet-friendly needs in one place. In amongst the lovely clothes Asos has created a glossary so that you know what they mean when they say something is fair trade or organic cotton. We know it doesn’t take much to fuel a full-blown Asos addiction so we’ll stop right there and pass over the link. What happens on Asos might not stay on Asos, but nor will it stay on the earth for hundreds of years.

The Green Room Edit

Asos The Green Room

Image: Asos The Green Room

Under the Same Sun

It wouldn’t be right not to include one of our favourite sustainable activewear labels, and this is where Swedish brand Under the Same Sun really takes the (raw) cake. Founders Emelie Lindgren Anna Engellau have put the focus of the brand on sustainability as well as beautiful design.

Recognising how hard it is to align the two concepts, Under the Same Sun has worked hard to be make their clothes from low impact textiles such as recycled polyester, tencel, and organic leather. The polyester used for much of their clothes comes from an unlikely source: recycled water bottles. This uses 53% less resources to make clothes out of, and produces 55% fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Each pair of leggings recycles around 25 plastic bottles. The eclectic patterns have been printed on using a technique that produces zero waste, rather than screenprinting that causes huge amounts of water to be consumed and wasted by dyes.

Their new collection features fresh colours with inspiring names to match – the Rebirth, Open Mind and Vitality prints are an ideal addition to your wardrobe that won’t add to your carbon footprint. The brand is a reminder that little people with a big heart can make a huge difference.

Under the Same Sun available in the UK at www.stylepb.com

Under the Same Sun

Image: Under the Same Sun

Ella Georgia

Ella Georgia is a fashion and accessory boutique with a heart. Offering everything from bespoke jewellery to iPhone cases the lovely people at Ella Georgia have made sure that you’re not enjoying all your goodies at other people’s expense: an ethos that they live by, rather than use as a vague marketing claim.

Many of the products sponsor at least one social or environmental issue and donate some of their profits to causes that they believe in. They make sure to evaluate the conditions all the way down the supply chain from the product itself to the workers that make it. Much like fast food, fast fashion is rarely good for anyone. Real time and care is put into every product at Ella Georgia. If you’re looking for a gift for someone special, or just to give yourself a present then you can start and finish looking at Ella Georgia knowing that your product was made with all the love you’d expect from such beautiful products.


Ella Georgia

Image: Ella Georgia


It’s a place where integrity, style and innovation meet. Founder Holly Allenby was tired of not having an answer to the question… “Where can I buy responsibly made clothing without sacrificing style?” so she created her own. THE-ACEY works carefully with each brand they stock to tell the story of their garments: where they’re made, how they’re made, and who’s behind the brand.

Concern for consciousness travels all the way down the production chain; the brands THE-ACEY works with are continually looking for ways to improve from finding local factories to finding new fabrics.

One of our favourite products is the white leather Esplar sneaker by Veja. Made from products sourced from the Amazon – the last place where rubber trees grow freely – the shoe is given a whole other level of integrity from your regular sneakers.

The #aceywoman thinks differently, lives consciously: a total original who always tries to do the right thing. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re an #aceywoman so go on and get an outfit to match.


The Acey

Image: The Acey


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