6 Of Your Favourite Wellness Brands Have Launched Merchandise!

If showing up every week for your favourite sweat session, checking in on Facebook, and uploading your post-workout selfie to Instagram isn’t saying enough about your incredible lifestyle choices… then here are six of the coolest wellness brands and fitness studios that have recently launched merch. Let’s face it, nothing says you’re a Deliciously Ella fangirl better than an environmentally friendly tote – complete with feel good mantra. 

Now your bangin’ bod and natural glow won’t be the only proof that you worked out and boiled your bones, and we’ve put together a list of the boldest and the greenest.

Barry’s Bootcamp

Well, it is Barry’s. If you aren’t wearing a Barry’s East tee by the time you walk out, were you ever really there? The answer from the experts (eh ehm, us), a flat out no. You could probably deck out a home gym with the merch Barry’s has got, a whole wall of it at both Central and East. They’ve got iphone holders, resistance bands, DVDs for your Barry’s-at-home fix, and of course hoodies, tanks and t-shirts. Forget hearts, we want to wear our workout on our sleeve! You can snag all of this and more at the Barry’s online store and at the Barry’s studios.


Proper Corn

Okay, so we’re not going pick favourites but these t-shirts are kind of one of the best things ever. Proper Corn have launched popcorn patterned t-shirts. They were originally designed for their Pop-Up Summer installation in 2014, but were so popular that they’ve re-illustrated them, added a shopping cart the website and hey presto. It’s basically everything they (and everyone else) love on a t-shirt: pattern, colour and popcorn.



Form is one of London’s best pilates studios – we’ve raved about it here so we won’t go on about it again. But we will go on about the new FORM merchandise range. They don’t have a huge range, but what they do have is everything we love: clean, modern, and comfortable. It’s as great for your pilates class as it is for your brunch date, pair it with some leggings from one of these fabulous brands and you’re basically sorted for life. If we haven’t convinced you, then book into one of Elissa’s classes to see how good they look on for yourself. You can buy then purchase your own sweats in the studio. New uniform.


Deliciously Ella

Peace, Love and… Kale! Or Coconuts. And now… Avocados too. These are the the mantras on Deliciously Ella’s range of clothing and tote bags. Sure, you can eat avocado. Or you could wear it. We’re all about wearing our wellness mantras and owning our love of yoga where possible and Ella’s collection has pretty much outdone the competition. To the point and comfy as hell. You can now also follow the dedicated Instagram account to see your favourite wellness gurus sporting the goods @deliciouslyella_shop


Buy Deliciously Ella totes, tshirts, and other merchandise
Image: Deliciously Ella

Hemsley + Hemsley

The Hemsley sisters were boiling their bones before it was cool. In fact, we have it on good authority that they actually started the bone broth trend in London’s wellness scene. It’s not new, but it’s great, and it’s says so on their tote bags!  You may have seen the likes of Millie Mackintosh toting the “Boil Your Bones” bags. They are environmentally friendly, ethically produced organic cotton totes to throw all your veggies into on market day. Oh, and the sisters also stock Hemsley + Hemsley spiralizers. Yes please. You can buy the totes from Raw Press and Start Boutique.


Hemsley Hemsley Boil Your Bones Tote bags merchandise
Image: Hemsley + Hemsley

Skinny Bitch Collective

You’ve seen it – the girls with not much on the clothes department, the booty-shaking, reptilian crawling hot mess that is SBC. Not only are we pretty impressed that the girls look so cool-headed while pulling off some of those moves (can we get a stunt double to do our workout?) but we’re damn excited about the launch of SBC merch. It’s coming soon, yes, but we have hints of sports bras, tank tops and booty shorts to match. These clothes might not be made for walking, but they were definitely made for crawling. One problem… we’ve got no idea where to buy it from. It’s that exclusive.


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