7 British Healthy Foodie ‘Grammers You Need To Be Following


It seems you loved our favourite fit bunnies and wellness warriors to follow on instagram (you almost broke the site!), but we hadn’t even started on our favourite foodie ‘grammers yet! Food and fitness go hand in hand, right? So we’ve catalogued the food-stagrammers that fill our feeds with colour, and make us hungry every time we open the app.

These lovely Brits are giving a whole new meaning to #foodporn, and they can’t be our little secret anymore.


This Master-Foodie has made nanaicecream an artform. Meghan is a 20 year old Brit living a plant-based life and sharing it all through her beautifully laid out and mouthwateringly delicious foodgrams. From vegan pancakes to creamy hot chocolates in mugs the size of her face Meghan should be next on your “to-follow” list, if you don’t already follow her that is.

Naturally Meghan is one an Instagram food snapping favourite


Lauren is another one of our plant-based crushes. Pal of Naturally Meghan and another nicecream lover, Lauren shares everything from her morning smoothies to all of her adventures across the world. Having struggled with common woes such as IBS and a skewed relationship with food Lauren’s account is focused on all-over wellness: she hates the term “bikini body” and loves fresh whole foods that have come from the earth.

Lauren's Natural Nomad account is an Instagram foodie haven


Meet one of our favourite veggie-munching, omelette loving ‘grammers, not to mention a totally babin’ dancer: Steph Elswood. This lovely lady eats everything from porridge to homemade falafels and posts it all online (don’t we all?). Without following this diet or that, Steph focuses on nutrition-dense foods that work for your body, especially when you’re exercising.

Healthy Chef Steph create fitness inspired food on Instagram


We know we said Naturally Meghan’s nanaicecream is an artform, but Heather’s food is literally edible art: it takes making faces out of your broccoli and mash potato as a kid to a whole new level. Her hashtag of the moment is #emojioatmealchronicles and you guessed it… she’s making edible emoji’s on top of her oats, not to mention just plain scrumptious looking food. She’s a graphic designer – so she kind of cheated – this doesn’t mean your oats aren’t worth a gram if you don’t have a watermelon cut-out of a piggy on there.

Fresh Heather is another artistic foodie instagram account to watch


Marie really, really likes breakfast, fruit, and of course chocolate. You would be hard-pressed to find a bowl more full of freshness and colour than those on @papya_sunshine. As promised, she’s got healthy yet decadent chocolate recipes with cacao raisin cake, cacao orange muffins and her incredible look strawberry, banana, and cacao smoothie bomb being a few of our faves.

Papaya Sunshine


She underwent a rebrand last minute, ditching the Gloriously Delicious title in favour of her own namesake. This inspiring 20-year old is all about eating in abundance, and eating plant-based foods. Maxine’s philosophy is one of flexibility: eat what you can, eat what’s good for you, eat what looks good on Instagram. Pasta, smoothies, raw cheesecake, salad – you name it and Maxine’s got it!

Screen shot 2015-06-22 at 4.41.09 PM


Ok, so we know they’re not British but we have to show some love to our favourite Scandinavians, right? David and Luise are Danes living in Stockholm and creating some of the most insanely beautiful foods we’ve ever feasted our eyes on. They’re vegetarian, they’ve published books, they’re food stylists and photographers.  The Green Kitchen recipes are so much more than vegetarian versions of normal food – think green pancakes, rhubarb and strawberry crumble, and plenty of massive homey veggie stews. Oh and we couldn’t go without mentioning their completely adorable children, both growing up the way every kid should – on a wholesome diet full of fresh foods, travelling the globe and drinking cold-pressed juices Down Under. They’re off to Tuscany at the moment and always on the go, so follow for travel insp and #foodporn.

GK Stories is an absolute must-follow for instagram foodies



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