A Competitive Edge For London’s Newest Boutique Fitness Brand


LONDON, United Kingdom — London is set to welcome another new fitness concept – Rathbone Boxing Club, as the capital’s boutique fitness market rockets past the 300 studio mark.

Opening this June, the club promises to take the spirit of a traditional spit-and-sawdust boxing gym, and back it with all the comforts of a boutique studio. According to the brand, the venue will be kitted out with a boxing ring, punch bags, speedballs and skipping ropes, as well as featuring clean showers, complimentary towels, digital lockers, gloves, and a friendly, experienced team.

 Most importantly, however, its focus will be on instruction, Founder Manya Klempner tells Welltodo.

“It is a place for people to come and learn boxing technique. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a pro, there is something for everyone and we’ll encourage you every step of the way,” she adds.

Led by world-renowned British professional boxing trainer Adam Booth, Rathbone’s team of boxing coaches, including Amy Andrew, an elite international boxer, and supporter of grassroots women’s sports, will curate the club’s training programme.

A range of classes, workshops and bespoke training will be available, enabling customers to develop skills and technique — from punching to footwork, head movement and defence. The aim is that both experienced boxers and fitness enthusiasts will train side-by-side.

“We’ll make sure that all levels are catered for, from beginner to pro, and that the curriculum is adapted accordingly. In turn, our clients will train with other boxers of the same level, thereby optimising their potential to progress and ensuring a top-quality (and safer) learning experience,” explains Klempner.

Classes already in the works include: ‘Anatomy of a Fight’, which will use projected clips from real fights to create scenario exercises, and ‘Cornerman’, where each participant will fight an opponent (a heavy bag) as if in a real fight, while a coach instructs them on what to do during each round.

“We have more signature classes in development,” reveals Klempner. “But all of them will honour the true-to-life training regime of a professional boxer.” This she argues, is one of the brand’s USPs.

As London’s boutique fitness market continues to expand, having grown by 281% over the last 5 years alone, creating a USP is becoming increasingly important for brands that want to separate themselves from the pack.

“That’s why I’m so confident about Rathbone Boxing Club,” Klempner tells Welltodo. “We are a proper boxing gym. We believe boxing is a sport, and we certainly aren’t competing with the boxfit studios.”


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