A Team Of Ex-Amazon E-Commerce Experts Are Targeting The UK’s Ethical Food Market


LONDON, United Kingdom A team of ex-Amazon e-commerce experts have launched the UK’s first natural and organic online marketplace.

Celebrating food that’s produced and sold by small, independent merchants, TheFoodMarket.com taps into the rapid growth of the UK’s ethical food market, which is now worth over £38 billion.

Commenting on the launch, founder, Wendy Snowdon, said:

“We care about good food. Not just food that tastes good, but food that’s good for your body and respects the environment, that’s why we set up TheFoodMarket.com. It’s never been more important to know where our food comes from and what’s in it – greater transparency is needed and we want to provide that.”

With so many independent producers of excellent quality, sustainably-sourced, natural and organic food dotted around the UK, TheFoodMarket.com recognises the need for a single place where anybody in the country can buy from them.

Featuring products that are not widely available in supermarkets, the site provides merchants with a platform in which they can tell the stories behind their products, thus giving consumers greater transparency.

“Ethics is becoming ever more ingrained into food and drink operators’ sourcing policies, but it is a complex area which is important to get right,” explained Richard Ford, Senior Food and Drink Analyst, in a recent report by Mintel.

“Not only do consumers expect good ethical practices from operators, they also expect to be informed and reassured over why they’re paying extra and where the money is going,” he added.

TheFoodMarket.com is an accessible and convenient way of addressing these concerns, but it faces some tough competition.

Launched in June, the arrival of Amazon Fresh into the UK grocery market has already shaken up the sector.

With a category exclusively dedicated to local and organic shops including Daylesford Farm and Chegworth Valley, the global retailer isn’t focusing its sights solely on the ethical market, but as the sector grows it is unlikely to sit back and watch.

Additionally, in the capital, Planet Organic, who recently joined forces with delivery company Hubbub, now offers a grocery service focused on quality, ethics and convenience. Joining over 100 of London’s best independent food shops, producers and market stalls, the strategic partnership provides consumers with a same-day delivery service, in one-hour slots, six days a week.

Speaking about the partnership Renée Elliott, founder of Planet Organic explained how the new service was created to transform the consumer experience, while Peter Marsh, CEO of Planet Organic, added:

“As a pioneer in the market, not only for delicious and healthy organic food but also ‘free from’ dietary needs, Planet Organic has long filled a gap not served by supermarkets. Through our partnership with Hubbub our home delivery service is now also second to none.”

Claiming first-mover advantage over its rivals, Planet Organic is keen to lead the shift away from traditional supermarkets. But as more retailers dip their toes into the expanding market, the race is on to see who will prevail.

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