A World-First App Giving Women The Choice To ‘Keep It Natural’

Women who like an organic and natural approach to life often find it all goes out the window when it comes to contraception, however, with NaturalCycles natural alternative women now have the option to ‘Keep it Natural’.

NaturalCycles make tracking your fertility super simple. You wake up, pop a thermometer under your tongue, add your temperature to the app, and that’s it – you’ll know if you’re fertile or not fertile via a simple colour-code system – with 99.9% accuracy.

The Swedish company have used scientific evidence and powerful statistical methods to identify the fertile window in a woman’s cycle – which can be identified by taking your temperature and by a surge in LH hormones. It will inform you when you’ve ovulated and you’re likely to ovulate in the next cycle.

“Hormonal contraception masks our bodies natural rhythm and can often leave women feeling anxious, depressed and undesired.” says Elina Berglund, CTO and Co-Founder of NaturalCycles. “What we’re trying to tell them is that this no longer has to be the case. Women can control their fertility without affecting their health or emotions.  This will allow them to build on the natural strengths found within their bodies when we allow them to behave naturally.”

Natural Cycles is a world first contraceptive app
Image: NaturalCycles

Proof of NaturalCycles’ effectiveness as a natural birth control is published in the peer-reviewed European Journal Of Contraception and Reproductive Health Care following a clinical study carried out by experts in Women’s and Children’s Health, Obstetrics and Gynaecology from the Karolinska Institute. Alongside academic institutions, NaturalCycles is planning further clinical studies to highlight the benefits that natural methods have for women’s health.

With many women suffering from either mental or physical side-effects when on the pill, NaturalCycles offers an alternative. The birth control app is designed to give women the freedom and skills to track their own cycles – and restore harmony to the natural rhythm of the body (without the pill). If you’ve ever worried about all those chemicals being pumped into your body by taking a contraceptive pill, you’ll like where this is going.

“Education clearly has an impact on the level of responsibility a person shows for contraception and their ability to prevent pregnancy,” says Nicole Forsberg, Head of Customer Support, NaturalCycles. “This is why knowing when and whether a woman ovulates should become a common piece of knowledge. Our users take pride in understanding their cycles and regularly enjoy educating and helping each other.”

The Stockholm-based company, as part of their aspiration to inspire and educate women – are coming to London on the 3rd May, for a very special brunch event in collaboration with Angel’s Belly. In a morning of relaxing yoga, a delicious spread of nourishing food and expert advice from naturopath Gillian Day – NaturalCycles is inviting you to leave the event feeling informed and empowered to make better decisions about your health.

Natural Cycles is a world first contraceptive app
Image: NaturalCycles

The event will include an introduction to NaturalCycles, the world’s first contraceptive app.

For details and to grab yourself a ticket to this unique event, click here.


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