Activate Self-Healing: Discover How ‘Rolfing’ Works To Align The Body


You know those days when you just feel, well… out of whack? Like your body just isn’t working as it should? “A polished onion”, is the metaphor Anna Collins uses to describe it; where the many layers of muscle and fascia that protect a central axis in the body just aren’t positioned as they should be.

“Sometimes,” Anna explains “the body needs some encouragement, to find its optimum structure.”

Activating self-healing forms the basis for Anna’s successful London-based practice of the Rolf Method of Structural Integration. Quite the mouthful, we know. Rolfing, as it’s also commonly known, works through a series of ten specifically designed sessions to physically give your body space and freedom to move with more ease – ridding it of pain.

“It’s unlike other therapies in that Rolfing works across the whole body. It doesn’t just treat one sore spot, or require ongoing treatments,” which – let’s face it – seems to be the case with so much other therapies!

The reason for this, Anna says, is that when one part of the body is injured or in pain, there is a kind of ‘knock-on effect’ – and other muscles in the body take charge to compensate for whatever hurts. Sometimes though, they forget to revert to their usual function once the body has repaired… which is where Anna’s expertise comes in. You sort of feel like your whole body has been twisted before Anna intervenes to naturally release the tension.


“I work with the fascia,” Anna says, “repositioning it and lengthening it.”

After just one session, there are real, visible improvements to the posture – which alleviates neck and back pain, increases energy levels (as the body requires less effort to move) and provides greater flexibility.

Dr Rolf, an American chemist, pioneered the method in the 1940’s whilst seeking to organise the body according to the law of gravity. When Anna experienced the therapy and saw visible improvements in her own posture – she decided to change careers and train as a practitioner herself.

Whist Rolfing is not a relaxing massage technique, it does provide incredible results that we’d say are totally worth any temporary discomfort.

Feeling a little topsy turvy, have an ache or pain, or just looking for greater fluidity in the body or mind? Anna is your go-to girl. She offers treatments from a number of clinics in London including the Light Centre and Grace Belgravia.


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