Activity Membership Platform MoveGB Crowned UK’s Third Fastest-Growing Tech Business


LONDON, United Kingdom — Activity membership platform MoveGB has been crowned the UK’s third fastest-growing tech business in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50.

Boasting revenue growth of 6,053% over the past 4 years, the concept, which gives users unlimited access to 1000s of gyms, classes and studios, is currently the UK’s largest activity marketplace, securing 300,000 users and over 5,500 physical activity providers.

As a result of its commitment to making fitness accessible and flexible through innovative ideas and technology, MoveGB has experienced consistent growth since its launch in 2013. This September, off the back of widespread expansion across the UK, the company broke into the competitive London market, attracting 10,000s of users.

Operating a business model that works in collaboration not competition with its partners, MoveGB works with a wide range of active leisure providers across the UK, from the big-name chains like Virgin Active and Pure Gym to climbing walls and boutique studios says Founder and CEO, Alister Rollins.

“The business model allows the consumer to have freedom of movement with unlimited access whilst the partner still receives 100% revenue thus creating a mutually beneficial platform to all parties,” he explains.

According to Rollins, currently the market offers two types of models; lead generation models such as ClassPass, whereby the provider lowers the price of the product they are offering and in turn limits the use of the service to the consumer. “In this ‘lead gen’ model consumers are viewed as a ‘potential sale’ and the partner strives to convert the customer, however, the subscription provider actually wants to keep the customer so ultimately they end up working against each other.”

Or the MoveGB model, which follows a similar model to Netflix and Spotify. “This model presents a platform for mainstream gyms and boutique studios alike to unlock unlimited access to their timetable and receive 100% of the revenue, meaning that there is no need to convert the customer. Instead, they use MoveGB to tap into a wider consumer network of high-value customers,” he argues.

Rollins says that these type of customers, which he refers to as ‘Movers’ have double the visit frequency and 4 times the length of stay of single venue users. This, he argues, results in Movers being more valuable than most operators’ own organic customers and helps to grow the fitness industry as a whole.

“If you ask anyone if they want to stay healthy and active for life they say yes, everyone, from kids to the elderly,” says Rollins.

“The demand for our industry is huge so why is it that every operator suffers from very high customer churn? It all comes down to a misalignment in consumer behaviour and what operators need to be profitable. We created Move to provide a service that is a win-win for both sides of the market.”

With international expansion in the pipeline, including a live pilot in New York and active research into the Chinese fitness market, MoveGB has ambitions to become a global force.


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