Add Some Sizzle To Your Winter Workout!

In less than two minutes, Wendy, my private pole dancing teacher, has erected the world’s most high-tech and portable pole in the middle of my living room.

welltodo London’s Lauren Armes, discovers why private pole dancing classes are going to be the hottest fitness trend this winter.

It’s Friday afternoon and I’m hosting a private pole dancing class with a small group of friends at home in Chelsea – which is what Wendy Saunt’s London-based company Pole Privé, does best. And yes, you can learn how to look that good on the pole (as above)!

Wendy Saunts private pole dancing classes
Image: Wendy Saunts

Gone are the misconceptions around pole, which Wendy admits to having held herself (and even written about as a journalist). Her team now includes some of the best pole dancing teachers in London, who offer completely personalised classes for individuals or small groups, in the comfort of your own home.

It is a legitimate, full-body workout. You will sweat!

We’ve moved beyond any preconceived ideas around pole dancing and instead gasp at the strength and immense skill involved in this accredited sport, as Wendy demonstrates the first ‘beginner moves’.

In a one hour class you’ll learn how, using your own body weight, to simultaneously develop strength, stamina, balance and flexibility – in the most fun and supportive environment.

“Sensual, elegant, athletic… or all three!” says Wendy, with regard to discovering your own pole dancing style.

“It’s creative and very rewarding,” she adds.

“Real empowerment comes with your new-found super-strength and flexibility,” with which we all agree, perfecting each aptly named move.

It’s fair to say that pole dancing has had a complete makeover. It’s a highly technical and precise sport that is also incredibly fun and wildly hilarious (if you’re friends are like mine). Having a private teacher means there’s no awkwardness. Each move gets broken down and adjustments are made to your positioning as you work through each.

Looking to bring a little sizzle to your indoor winter fitness routine? We guarantee a workout for your abs at the very least – you’ll enjoy a good laugh in your first session.

Private/at-home lessons are £95 an hour which can be split for a small group lesson of up to four people.