Airport Wellness Innovation FlyFit Pushes for £750k Funding


LONDON, United Kingdom — Innovative airport wellness brand FlyFit is aiming to raise £750,000 on Crowdcube to build flagship fitness studios in key international airports around the globe.

Its first location is already under construction in Heathrow’s T2 however, the brand has ambitious plans to secure 3 new locations in 2018.

Launched by fitness industry veteran Lauren Perkins and serial entrepreneur Brian Chappon, FlyFit’s wellness and fitness studio concept offers both instructor-led and on-demand classes for travellers. Located behind airport security, it provides a convenient and all-encompassing solution for individuals looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle while on the road.

As a long time instructor, coach, triathlete and entrepreneur, Perkins says her performance and energy levels suffered as a frequent flyer.

Recognising that others faced the same challenges, FlyFit was born out of her and Chappon’s “shared passion to improve health and well-being on the road for themselves and others, she explains.

Strategically positioned at the intersection of two fast-growing industries: travel and wellness, FlyFit believes its expansion strategy will capitalise on the growing trends of global travel and consumer wellness.

Already in partnership discussions with multiple leading lounges, airline alliances, luxury airport concierge, and large corporations, it has ambitions to build flagship studios throughout international airports, in parallel with joint-ventures at existing leading travel lounges worldwide.

To date, the business has been funded by equity investment from the founders and friends. If successful, capital from the Crowdcube campaign has been earmarked for 3 additional transit airports by 2018, and to build a seamless digital customer experience.

With a long-term goal to create a global brand that empowers and supports healthy lifestyles wherever people are in their travels, FlyFit’s programs have been specifically designed to support travellers both mentally and physically.

Priced at £45 per visit, the studio concept includes showers, juice bars, workout spaces, exercise bikes, meditation pods and live yoga classes.

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