Amazon’s Shop The Future Highlights Emerging Health & Wellness Trends


LUXEMBOURG — A new report commissioned by Amazon highlights the health and wellness trends consumers will be buying into in the future.

Coinciding with the launch of’s new Shop the Future store, the report (of the same name) predicts that high-tech fitness trackers and smart fridges will become mainstay must-haves of the future, while the personalisation of wellness products will also be high on the agenda.

Informed by two world-leading futurists, Anne Lise Kjaer, of Kjaer Global, and William Higham, from Next Big Thing, the report pays specific attention to innovative products that are focused on making people’s lives easier and more efficient as they navigate an increasingly busy world.

According to Higham, this includes ‘smart conveniences’ “such as fridges that know when they’re getting low on certain foods and reorder the groceries themselves,” as well as trackers that can be implanted into the body.

“Over the coming decades we’re set to see numerous innovations that will enhance our health and environment,” he explains.

Other key predictions from the report include the emergence of more personalised diets based on DNA, insect protein products and hangover-free drinks, it also shines a spotlight on the impact virtual reality is set to have on the consumer experience. In particular highlighting the ability of augmented reality to ‘allow people the chance to indulge in “the joy of hedonism without the subsequent guilt”’.

“From connected cycling kit with at-a-glance navigation and tracking to cushions that allow you to immerse yourself in your favourite music through hearing and feeling sound waves, start-ups are constantly producing some of the world’s most exciting products,” explains Francois Saugier, Vice President, EU Seller Services, Amazon.

The launch of Shop the Future will allow Amazon to support these start-ups so that customers around the world can discover their innovative products.

“The pace of innovation has never been faster and we’re seeing exciting new products that improve our health, beautify our homes, save us time and make entertainment more enthralling than ever – from wherever,” explains Kjaer.

And, with the report also suggesting that consumers will become more forward-thinking and independent in their retail choices, it is hoped the Shop the Future store will become the place to go for the latest in innovative lifestyle and wellness necessities.

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