Athleisure Brand TALA’s Latest Move Promotes Conscious Consumption

LONDON, United Kingdom — Sustainable athleisure brand TALA has launched a new collaboration with online marketplace Depop, aimed at encouraging conscious consumption.

The disruptive startup, launched in May 2019 by fitness influencer and entrepreneur Grace Beverley, is offering customers access to samples from its pre-production, shoots and campaigns, at a discounted price via the popular fashion app.

The aim is to combat sample waste and help offset the negative impact of fast fashion and the textile industry more generally, which generates more carbon dioxide emissions than shipping and aviation combined.

“We’re constantly searching for ways to reduce our impact on the planet and to help make the fashion industry more circular,” said Beverley of the partnership.

“A shocking 10,000 items of clothing are sent to landfill every 5 minutes, so the TALA x Depop shop is the natural next step to find TALA samples a loving home. This initiative gives our customers the chance to get their hands on shoot samples and one of a kind garments that didn’t make it to production.”

According to Beverley, since TALA’s launch, the company has been holding on to its samples with the view of coming up with a creative solution to rehome them. Despite the Depop collaboration being considered an unconventional move — due to worries over brand integrity and devaluation — she believes that the fashion industry needs to evolve and is willing to take a risk with the hope that it leads to positive change.

“We understand this is not the done thing for a brand to do,” she admitted via an Instagram post. “But if we don’t try we won’t know if it will work,” she added.

For a brand built on disrupting the status quo, Beverley’s refreshing transparency is sure to strike a chord with its loyal customers, who at last count had helped to generate the business more than £5 million in revenue in less than a year of operation. And in doing so, have helped to save 3,455,251 litres of water, 226,512 kg of co2 and 69,150 water bottles.

Not only is TALA on-trend aesthetically but it is also worn as a badge of honour by those wanting to align themselves with a more sustainable and conscious lifestyle. With that in a mind, the Depop collaboration, which includes the sale of many one-off and exclusive items, will be sure to add another layer of hype to the already in-demand brand.

“I’m actually crying” replied one of the brand’s followers on its announcement post. “This is the best thing a fashion brand has ever done 😭😭😭  TALA is setting new standards and I am HERE FOR IT!!” commented another.

“We don’t know how this is going to go,” commented Beverly. “But I am excited, and I hope it will start paving the way for brands going slightly untraditional in order to find solutions to things that just shouldn’t be happening.”

With all of the items from the first drop of the collaboration selling out within hours, it appears as though the brand is on to something.

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