Barry’s & Eight Sleep Announce Partnership

MIAMI, United States — Boutique fitness brand Barry’s has announced a partnership with next-gen sleep startup Eight Sleep.

As part of the collaboration, Barry’s community will gain access to exclusive pricing on Eight Sleep products such as its groundbreaking smart mattress which is usually priced from $2795. Eight Sleep members will also have access to exclusive pricing on Barry’s X digital classes. 

According to the brands, Eight Sleep and Barry’s communities are both focused on bettering their everyday lives through health, fitness, and sleep, and they see the partnership as giving their customers greater access and education to the latest technologies and fitness regimes needed to elevate their health.

“Among all sleep brands, Eight Sleep stands out to be the most innovative in the space. Barry’s members are highly motivated and health-conscious individuals, who actively work on their wellness every day, so partnering with Eight Sleep to fill the gap of sleep and recovery needs was a no-brainer,” commented Vicky Land, Barry’s SVP of Brand. 

“The Barry’s community can now push themselves to new limits when they are well-rested and fully recovered sleeping on Eight Sleep’s innovative Pod technology,” she added.

The partnership is one of several moves Barry’s has announced this year in order to position itself as more of a holistic lifestyle brand, as well as open itself up to new demographics as it recovers from the impact of the global pandemic. In July the cult fitness provider announced it had also partnered with connected fitness brand FORME, enabling users of FORME’s training device to access its digital fitness content at home.

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The collaboration marked the first time its digital workouts have become available on any platform other than its own since the launch of Barry’s X — which features the brand’s iconic workouts both live and on-demand across the web and mobile apps.

For Eight Sleep, the partnership is also a step in the right direction towards engaging new demographics. Having captured the attention of athletes, with more than 100 professional sportsmen and women using its technology — and securing more than $160m from backers including SoftBank, Khosla Ventures, Founders Fund, and General Catalyst, the brand is now focused on tapping into the mainstream market.

It claims, its technology is revolutionising the archaic sleep category by using health-grade sensors and creating individual AI models that adapt the sleeping environment by responding to each user’s sleep patterns, temperature preferences, environment values, and feedback history. 

This data-driven approach, it argues, guides the user towards sleep optimization by leveraging thermoregulation and biofeedback, and case studies have shown that Eight Sleep products help customers to fall asleep up to 40% faster, get up to 20% more deep sleep, experience 30% fewer mid-night wake-ups, and up to 30% fewer tosses and turns.

But to appeal to the everyday consumer, the brand still has some work to do if it is to convince ‘regular’ people that parting with thousands of dollars will impact their everyday lives enough to make a difference.

By winning over the high performing, health-conscious Barry’s crowd it has the potential to find an inroad. And, as the sleep tech market, which is still in its infancy, picks up speed, these types of partnerships could become invaluable in giving the early movers like Eight Sleep the edge against the uprising of challenger brands that will inevitably enter the space.