Battersea Is Buzzing With A New Organic, Cold-Pressed Juicery


Sprout Juicery is the latest and greatest addition to London’s buzzing cold-pressed juice scene – nestled in ‘Apples and Bees’, the aptly named health food shop south of the river, in Battersea.

With an incredible menu of carefully curated, organic juice blends, Sprout Juicery is adding its own unique flavour to London’s juice bar map.


Image: Instagram via @SproutJuicery

Inspired by a passion for wellness and her health-obsessed home city of Toronto, Canada, owner Danielle Hayley set up Sprout Juicery in order to provide Battersea with a taste of fresh, locally-sourced, cold-pressed goodness. The overwhelming response is a good indication that London is catching up with our friends across the Atlantic.

“Healthy living is all about finding balance, listening to, and responding to your body,” says Danielle, who also has a well-established modelling career.

If you’ve not yet tasted the gobsmacking combination of butternut squash, apple, maca and cinnamon, then all the more reason to make the trip to Battersea, pronto! We can guarantee that Danielle’s signature ‘Hippy Dee’ will change your world.

Sprout Juicery also offer a bespoke juice cleansing service which allows Danielle and her team to respond to the unique needs of the individual. She also plans to expand Sprout Juicery outside of Battersea, so watch this space!

Sprout Juicery operates out of ‘Apples and Bees’, 258 Battersea Park Rd, London SW11 3BP
Open Monday-Friday 9:00am-6:00pm, Saturday 10am-5:00pm


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