Bear Crawls And Burpees: 5 Body Weight Exercises You Need To Know


When you can’t get to the studio for a barre class, and your schedule just won’t permit the lunch-time gym dash – there are plenty of ways to stop, drop and sweat that require zero travel. Sometimes we just need a little fitspo. Ashley Hunt, Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach, says using your own body weight to get fit means that you can get a workout whenever and wherever you like. 

So we asked Ashley for six really simple go-to body weight exercises that will get your core locked and loaded for summer.

“There is a plethora or exercises you can do with just your body that will give you a full body workout,” says Ashley. “And the best thing is you can do it anywhere! In your lounge room or in a local park.”

Here are Ashley’s go-to body weight exercises for an all over body toning routine – try them today!


This move is a great way to warm up the whole body. Start from standing and bend your knees slightly as you reach for the ground. Walk your hands out until you are in a high plank position, then walk them back to your feet and to your original standing position. For an added challenge, try walking your hands out further in front of you (feel your core tighten the further you go).

Ashley hunt demonstrates Walk Outs a great body weight exercise


Get the heart rate up immediately with the bear crawl. From a high plank position start crawling by moving forward one leg and the opposite arm, then switching to the other side. Move along as fast as you can, keeping the back straight and the hips down.

Bear Crawls


The ultimate full body move – if you only have limited time to workout the burpee should become your best friend! Start from standing, reach your hands down to the ground and jump your legs back to a high plank position. Do a press up and then jump your feet back to your hands, and jump back up to standing.

Ashley Hunt demonstrates burpees as a great body weight exercise


A super effective core workout with the added bonus of toning the legs. From standing, cross one leg behind the other and lower yourself down to a cross legged seated position. Lie back and straighten out both the arms and legs, without letting them touch the ground. Crunch the arms and legs back to the seated position, and return to standing.

Ashley Hunt demonstrates Get Ups as a great core body weight exercise


This super hero move will help build strength in the lower back and glutes. Start by lying on the ground face down, arms straight out in front of you. Simultaneously raise your arms and legs, and hold for 30 seconds. Don’t forget to breathe!


Ashley is a Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach from Sydney, in London just in time to help you get a beach body for summer. Ashley specialising in creating fast, super effective workouts you can do anywhere. Ashley’s signature fitness style revolves around a combination of functional body weight training, including calisthenics, yoga and pilates for sustainable long term results. Sign up to receive Ashley’s FREE Health & Welness course here:

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