Bear Grylls’ New Venture Taps Into The Obstacle-Based Fitness Trend


LONDON, United Kingdom — Bear Grylls and Oxygen Freejumping; the UK’s largest trampoline park provider, have launched an innovative indoor fitness programme leveraging the explosion in popularity of obstacle-based fitness.

Bear Grylls Fitness, a multi-storey obstacle fitness course designed to challenge users to practice the same moves and techniques the adventurer uses in the wild, is set to launch into 30 of Oxygen’s parks by the end of summer 2018.

“Our sites are more than just trampolining, they are centres for freerunning, fitness programmes, aspiring gymnasts and of course huge numbers of people just looking to have fun at events, dodgeball leagues and freejumping sessions,” explained Oxygen Freejumping CEO, David Stalker.

“This obstacle course concept is the logical next step and I can’t wait for all of our Freejumpers to get fit and try to overcome the same type of obstacles that Bear encounters in the wild.”

Over the past five years, consumer interest in obstacle course racing has risen dramatically, with millions of consumers signing up to participate in the gruelling events year-on-year. Positioned as an alternative to traditional fitness activities, the sport, which is now the fastest growing in US history, has created an industry worth in excess of one billion dollars.

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In a bid to generate extra revenue streams and expand into new markets, leading race organisers including Spartan Race and Tough Mudder have set their sights on destination training locations. Spartan Gym, a newly opened 14,000-square foot facility in Florida features special Spartan training classes, as well as a variety of training apparatus, while Tough Mudder has plans to launch a chain of fitness boutiques in the US this year.

Targeting major cities beyond the fitness hubs of New York and Los Angeles, it is hoped the new studios will attract a demographic searching for functional fitness solutions, delivered in a consistent, high-quality and safe environment — Bear Grylls Fitness shares the same ambition.

“Bear Grylls Fitness is about training you to move with speed, agility, balance and strength.

We pride ourselves on being the ultimate in functional fitness – designed to empower you to be fit for all of life’s adventures,” said Grylls of the new partnership.

By providing a year-round training opportunity for all abilities and fitness levels, it is also hoped that participation in the course, which costs between £9.45 and £13.50 for a single session, will encourage consumers to sign up for Grylls’ annual survival races across the UK.


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