Boom Cycle & KOBOX Join Forces To Launch UK Boutique Fitness ‘Supergroup’


LONDON, United Kingdom Fitness Studio brands Boom Cycle and KOBOX have joined forces to launch a boutique fitness ‘supergroup’ aimed at accelerating growth collaboratively.

United Fitness Brands, which is also helmed by venture capital trust Pembroke VC and chaired by David Lloyd, Founder of David Lloyd Leisure Clubs, is set for immediate expansion in London. A sixth Boom Cycle studio in KOBOX’s flagship studio on the King’s Road, and a fourth KOBOX studio within Boom Cycle’s Waterloo premises are both set for a Q2 2021 launch.

According to Robert Rowland, Co-Founder of Boom Cycle: “United Fitness Brands will be on the lookout for providers to join the group that mean more than just a workout to their communities; brands that create collective effervescence and positive escapism – both of which are needed now more than ever.”

Speaking exclusively to Welltodo, Rowland explained that the idea behind the parent company was to create a more efficient way for leading boutique studios to run. And ultimately accelerate growth.

Under the umbrella of United Fitness Brands, costs can be spread and support and expertise shared, leaving operators to concentrate on what they do best — running classes and creating amazing experiences.

Despite having already grown Boom Cycle into a thriving five studio operation, Rowland revealed that to supercharge growth consolidating in this way makes sense — a sentiment shared by both KOBOX and Pembroke. And one that’s becoming more common among other influential figures within the fitness category.

Last year, Geoff Bamber, Co-Founder of Digme told Welltodo he believed there would be an “enormous opportunity” to consolidate the boutique fitness sector post lockdown”.

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In the US, meanwhile, Xponential Fitness — curator of boutique fitness brands including Pure Barre, Row House, AKT, Club Pilates and more — has been able to facilitate aggressive growth by bringing together various fitness concepts underneath one umbrella.

And like, Xponential Fitness, having already brought together cycling and boxing, United Fitness Brands also plans to add other disciplines to the mix with the intention of each brand retaining its independence and the core values that have cultivated their respective consumer loyalty.

“It will mainly operate as a B2B company, with the majority of customers unaware that it even exists,” Rowland told Welltodo.

According to a statement, United Fitness brands is already in advanced talks with several other homegrown fitness brands with the intention of adding them to its roster, with Rowland adding that it’s looking beyond London too.

“I absolutely think London’s going to bounce back post-covid, even if it takes some time,” He told Welltodo.

“But regional locations have always been something that’s been in our plans,” he added.


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