Botanic Lab Launches The Most Innovative Cold Pressed Juice Yet!


Move over coconut water, there’s a new and impressively innovative hydration hero in town! And guess what?… It’s cold pressed!

We recently covered the unique benefits of activated charcoal, but one UK cold-pressed juice company has taken these one step further, by creating a new cold-pressed ISOTONIC range.

Botanic Lab has just launched ISOTONIC1, a cold-pressed, superfood and nutrient-packed sports drink featuring some very dynamic ingredients that you probably haven’t seen around town.

Where other isotonic sports drinks are renowned for synthetics and absurdly high sugar content, ISOTONIC1 is a premium blend of activated charcoal, raw cane juice (not to be confused with its refined sugar cousin), and raw Japanese yuzu (which we’ll explain).

It’s an inky-looking elixir – a result of the activated charcoal, an ingredient Botanic Lab describes as “a medical grade digestive purifier.” Combined with the juice of raw cane, an alkalising, low GI superfood from the grass family, ISONTIC1 already has enough to write home about.

It’s the Japanese yuzu that may have you raising an eyebrow; this East Asian citrus fruit is packed with vitamin C and gives the juice its deliciously intense citrusy tang.

Botanic Lab’s Founders, Rebekah and Christophe, aren’t about meaningless flirtation with flavours or fancy buzz word ingredients either. This product has real substance and research behind it, and epitomises the inventive and innovate drive behind the brand.

“Since Botanic Lab began a year ago we have always cut our own groove. Our ISOTONIC range is the latest innovation as we continue to define and redefine the super premium drink space,” says Rebekah.

So it’s a 100% organic blend, free from synthetic substances, replicates the body’s own osmotic pressure from bio-available glucose and essential minerals, which results in an even more effective hydration post-workout; even better than water. Oh, and it tastes great too?!

“ISOTONIC1 flavour profile is truly unique. The triangular balance between sweet, salty and sour is truly unexpected. When coupled with the dark aesthetic of the drink we have created an original multi layered experience,” explains Christophe.

ISOTONIC1 is now available from The Albion (Tate Modern and Shoreditch and direct from


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