Breaking: Detox Kitchen And Fresh Fitness Food Have Merged

LONDON, United Kingdom – The first consolidation of two of the UK’s leading healthy prepared-food delivery brands, Fresh Fitness Food and Detox Kitchen, has taken place.

Now combined under the umbrella company, The Wellness Food Group, the pair have become the largest UK player in the prepared-meals delivery sector – which is expected by reach $408 billion globally by 2031.

“This is a really exciting time for our industry and by coming together with FFF there will be a
significant opportunity not only to grow our brands but to bring on other brands that would benefit
from our established marketing, technological and operational skills,” said Lily Simpson, Founder of Detox Kitchen.

Speaking about the partnership with Fresh Fitness Food’s CEO, Caspar Rose, Simpson described the strength of their combined vision for the sector, as a key driver of both growth and social impact. The aim, with the new parent company, is to build and launch multiple leading consumer brands to the market and house the most innovative, accessible, health food brands in the world.

The Wellness Food Group have identified a host of opportunities in this space and plan to continue an industry consolidation, with further brands lined up to join. This, it’s claimed, will enable smaller businesses in the space to benefit from a centralised system, leading to improved buying power, reduced marketing costs and shared resources.

“The Wellness Food Group allows us to not only scale our two core businesses, but also bring together a broader set of additional businesses that help solve problems for other demographics,” said Rose.

“Lily and I are ready to meet other founders on the same impact led mission,” he added.

With the merger announced, the pair will continue to manage their respective businesses, as well as becoming joint CEOs of The Wellness Food Group.