BulletProof Targets The Mainstream Market With New NYC Cafe


NEW YORK, United States — Bulletproof, the brand synonymous with upgrading your coffee is launching its first cafe in New York as part of a bid to attract a more mainstream audience.

Expanding on its two existing outposts in California, the brand also has plans to open further sites in Austin, Texas, Chicago, San Diego, and San Francisco, Founder Dave Asprey told Bloomberg.

Launched in 2009, Bulletproof’s products are designed to “help everyday people easily improve their biochemistry so that their bodies and minds work effortlessly.”

Already popular with entrepreneurs and athletes, the beverage company is now turning its attention to a wider demographic as part of its global branding strategy. As well as featuring its iconic coffee, the New York store hopes to pull in more consumers by offering a choice of grab-and-go food options.

Since raising $9 million in 2015 from Trinity Ventures, an early Starbucks and Jamba Juice investor, Bulletproof has been very vocal about its plans to bring the benefits of the Bulletproof lifestyle to more people.

“Picking the right investors was crucial,” explained Asprey at the time. Adding, “this was about finding people with passion who I could trust. With brands like PF Chang’s and Jamba Juice in the firm’s portfolio, Trinity’s experience in this space is unparalleled.”

In an extra push to drive multi-channel growth for the brand’s portfolio of products, in January of this year, Asprey hired Anna Collins as Chief Operating Officer. Responsible for the company’s growth strategy and operations, the ex-Amazon Prime and Microsoft executive was hired due to her proven ability to drive growth and scale at some of the world’s most admired multi-billion dollar global companies.

“Anna is exactly the right person to join the Bulletproof executive team as COO,” commented Asprey following the announcement. “She has a great track record of scaling and innovating businesses, which will help Bulletproof’s customers get faster, easier access to the world’s highest performing coffee and food.”

With the launch of more physical cafes alongside its already thriving e-commerce business, Bulletproof’s goal of making the state of high performance a daily reality for everyone is moving closer. The fact, the company sold 48 million cups of coffee, last year alone, is proof of the ongoing demand for products designed around performance, focus and energy.


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