Can ClassPass’ On Demand Video Content Help Boost Member Retention?


NEW YORK, United States – ClassPass has expanded into digital with the launch of a new on-demand video content service.

Billed as a way to increase member access to engaging, high-quality fitness experiences, the platform is the latest in a line of new features the company has introduced recently, in a bid to boost sustainability and retain users. Having lost 10 percent of its customer base following a hike in prices late last year, doubling-down on community services is now high on its agenda.

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Speaking about the move, ClassPass Founder Payal Kadakia explained: “Our goal with ClassPass is to have a positive impact on the lives of our members and provide an experience that makes fitness as easy and accessible as possible. The launch of Video on Demand expands upon that vision by giving our users the flexibility to enjoy classes no matter where their lives take them and the option to work out as much as they want.”

According to ClassPass, as it continues to grow the addressable studio fitness market worldwide, innovation within virtual fitness is the obvious next step for the company. Through video content, it hopes to tap exponentially larger audiences who may currently be hindered from experiencing studio fitness due to cost, location and scheduling constraints.  

By leveraging its relationships with existing studio partnerships, as well as its digital resources, ClassPass argues that it is uniquely positioned to innovate within the video fitness space, but perhaps more crucially, push relevant content to members, driving engagement and boosting retention.

With video on demand the first of many digital products the company is expected to debut, ClassPass isn’t holding back on its mission to foster a new sense of loyalty among its community. But by tapping into evolving market trends and opportunities, is it moving too far away from its original proposition?

Having tested the service in select markets since late last year, ClassPass’ decision to launch the platform across all of its remaining markets suggests that so far, feedback has been positive.  And for now, at least, the company says it will continue to launch innovative products to fulfil its mission of marching towards profitability.


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