Can Lululemon’s First Global Brand Campaign Help To Extend Its Customer Base?


VANCOUVER, Canada — Ubiquitous yoga apparel brand Lululemon is taking aim at a new demographic with the launch of its first ever global brand campaign.

Targeting millennials in markets across Europe, North America and Asia, the campaign named  ‘This is Yoga’, honours yoga in a new light by taking it off the mat, to show how people are incorporating the philosophy and teachings of yoga into their everyday lives. The goal is that consumers will begin to associate the brand with activities besides yoga, and in turn extend the company’s customer base.

“Our goal with ‘This Is Yoga’ is to shift perception and invite guests – new and current – to start their own personal journey and form an authentic relationship with the idea that living a life in practice leads to a more purposeful life,” the brand explained in a statement.

“From surfing to music, to martial arts, to painting and more, celebrating the bold, unexpected, and provocative expressions of yoga to unlock real stories of the practice in action.”

Lululemon has its roots in yoga, as a brand that has pioneered its benefits, starting with the free classes offered in-store since it was born in Canada, back in 1998. However, with the current appetite for activewear at an all-time high, the brand is banking on reaching an audience beyond the realms of yoga, if it is to hit its target to double revenue to $4 billion by 2020.

Created by in partnership with Vice’s global advertising agency Virtue Worldwide, the campaign features a host of Lululemon’s ambassadors from around the world, such as East London Grime artist, P Money who follows the practice of breathing before each performance to pro-surfer Maddie Peterson, who by letting go of the attachment to outcomes lives in the practice of trust.

At a time when competition in the activewear market continues to rise, Lululemon is confident that doubling down on advertising will help the brand to reach its target market.

“For many people, this campaign will lead them to think differently about our brand,” Duke Stump, Lululemon’s Vice President told Fortune. “And for people who have been loyal customers, it will be an affirmation for why they have such a strong affinity for the brand.”


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