Can Wexer Virtual Bring More Online Content To Fitness Operators?


LONDON, United Kingdom  Leaders in online fitness content, Wexer Virtual, have announced the launch of a new set of digital fitness content designed specifically for clubs, by clubs.

In collaboration with leading health and wellness entrepreneur Tony de Leede, the project, named Move 123 will feature a range of motivating and high-quality videos across six different categories, with low intensity classes such as Yoga, Stretch and Pilates right through to high-intensity classes such as Cardio, Strength and Dance.

Designed with both the member and club in mind, it is hoped the content will break down time barriers and make timetabling easier for fitness operators.

“We are incredibly proud to be partnering with Move 123,” commented Paul Bowman, CEO at Wexer Virtual.

“Being truly international and having worked with some of most innovative and fastest growing health clubs in the world, has given us valuable insight into the high standard of content production and specialisation for the industry. It is without doubt that the unique design of Move 123 delivers exactly this.”

With installations in more than 30 countries, Wexer Virtual is the most globally spread provider of virtual fitness. Launched as an online health club in 2010, the business uses technology to make world-class exercise accessible to more people.

Partnering with brands including Les Mills, Zumba, Sleek Technique and Fit Fusion, Wexer Virtual’s technology is currently implemented by health clubs such as 24 Hour Fitness in the U.S., GoodLife Fitness in Canada and The Gym Group in the U.K.

Enabling fitness facilities all around the world to greatly increase the value of their group fitness studios, Wexer Virtual hopes that Move 123 will encourage even more managers and members to choose video workouts that reflect industry trends.

Having built a team of experts with a combined knowledge of over 100 years in the fitness industry, Tony de Leede revealed that the partnership will share skills from a diverse range of global markets and create a library of innovative, motivating and high-quality exercise classes that cater to all fitness levels and club types.

“Our partnership with Wexer Virtual will now enable club groups to deliver world-class virtual content that has been designed with both the member and club in mind, he explained.”

No stranger to these type of partnerships, Wexer Virtual’s business model is structured around diversity and collaboration. Keen to anchor virtual fitness as the new ‘must-have’ for gyms, the company aims to make virtual fitness as simple and effective as possible.

With over 100% growth in the past year, Bowen says that in U.K the percentage of U.K gyms currently offering virtual content is still small, but there is a definite upward curve, a trend Wexer Virtual is hoping to leverage, having opened a new London-based office earlier this year.

Gym and studio operators are becoming smarter at understanding who their members are and how best to serve them, argues Bowen. But, if online fitness is to hold a crucial place in the future of fitness, fitness operators must implement it successfully.

Creating a truly engaging virtual training experience requires adequate guidance, which Wexer Virtual provides, however to understand the procedure fully, the company has revealed the challenges associated with each step of the process.

Read on to discover what every gym must master in order to successfully launch and run virtual training.

Set-up your virtual studio

With technology now more relevant than ever before, it is only natural that health club members have begun demanding the the same level of integration within their group fitness experiences.

However, at Wexer we believe it’s not just about the technology, but also about the user experience, and when it comes to virtual, the execution.

Like the traditional cinema experience, the lighting and sound, the size and the quality of the screen, and the overall setup is essential for creating an engaging and captivating atmosphere.

We’ve seen a direct correlation between a well-executed installation and usage figures. So, the better the installation, the more members will use and engage with virtual.

Pick content that suits your members

We’ve sourced more than 1,000 online fitness videos from the leading providers in the market.

However, to ensure you’re effectively engaging your target audience you must look at different types of content and see what’s best suited to your members.

Educate the team

Once the virtual technology is installed it needs energy behind it just like any other product.

At Wexer, we educate the whole team and our dedicated account managers work closely with each business to develop, plan and launch a successful execution strategy.

Measure usage

To understand if technology is a good investment, clubs need to understand their members’ usage pattern and preferences.

For example, utilizing technology in group fitness via in-club virtual classes has proven to be a solid retention tool – it increases studios’ usage by 75% and live classes participation with 12%.

For most clubs who manage their group exercise offering well, the attendance of group exercise classes is high enough for it to be a significant profit centre.  

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