ClassPass Fitness Market Profile: Miami


In an exciting series of market profiles, we’ve partnered with ClassPass to bring you insights into the trends, pain points and characteristics of some of the world’s most active boutique fitness markets.

Exploring everything from the top workouts to the most popular times to work out, in this edition, ClassPass takes a look at one of the cities with the most active populations in the US: Miami.

A vibrant city on the Atlantic Coast of South Florida, Miami has a reputation for sensual food and music, sun-kissed beaches, and an eclectic arts and nightlife scene. With such a young and active population, it’s no surprise that a recent Spotify study on top workout music trends ranked Miami as #2 in the world for cities that stream workout playlists the most.

ClassPass features studios in Miami as well as the larger region of South Florida, including Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. Here are some of the top trends we’re uncovering in the Miami fitness market:

Top Workout Times

  1. 6pm
  2. 9am
  3. 10am

While Miami’s top workout times are pretty typical for most markets, one interesting thing to note is: Miami fitness goers are the most spontaneous on ClassPass, with the highest percentage of classes booked at the last minute  — typically within 5 hours of class time.

Top Genres

  1. Strength Training
  2. Pilates
  3. Yoga

Strength training, Pilates and yoga are the three top genres on ClassPass in Miami. Strength training, in particular, has seen a big boost in the past year, growing 48% in the share of reservations on ClassPass in that genre compared to this time last year. Pilates and yoga – while technically down in their share of reservations focused on those genres by 16% and 5%, respectively – continue to be favourites among ClassPassers in the region. And, as the Miami fitness scene continues to evolve, other genres are becoming more popular and beginning to take up larger shares of reservations on ClassPass.

For instance, the area has also seen more fitness enthusiasts interested in exploring sub-genres or highly specialised workouts, such as aerial yoga. Atmananda Miami in South Beach and Vanilla Sky – Miami Yoga in Brickell are two popular options for ClassPass users looking to try aerial fitness.

Miami also has a popular dance scene — no surprise given the popularity of workout music in the region. Dance, as a genre, is twice as popular in Miami as in other cities on ClassPass. Top studios that offer dance in the area are The House of Movement, Body & Soul Miami, and Vixen Workout Miami, which advertises its classes as using “commercial choreography, killer music remixes and stage lighting so you can experience yourself as a performer. Basically, you get to pretend you’re opening for the VMA’s, and perform the moves you see by your favourite artists.”

Boxing is also highly popular in Miami, compared to other ClassPass markets, making up 7% of reservations. The Box in Wynwood/Edgewater is a ClassPass user favourite, offering small class sizes that provide attendees with more one-on-one attention to improve their boxing technique.

Top Neighbourhoods

  1. South Beach
  2. Wynwood/Edgewater
  3. Brickell

South Beach, Wynwood/Edgewater and Brickell are consistently the top three neighbourhoods on ClassPass for users to work out in. Since this time last year, South Beach and Wynwood, in particular, have seen boosts in their share of reservations occurring in those neighbourhoods of 19% and 29%, respectively. It’s worth noting 54% of all ClassPass reservations occur in these three neighbourhoods, so the fitness market is fairly centralised and focused on these areas — at least for now. As the market grows, more studios may look to expand further into the suburbs, driving more reservations to other neighbourhoods.

Miami houses locations of some of the most well-known corporate fitness brands, including Flywheel and Barry’s Bootcamp – both in Miami Beach – which have bolstered the overall growth of the boutique fitness industry in the region. Studio owners are capitalising on all of this growth success and are thinking about expanding their brands across downtown as well as in the suburbs.

For more insight, visit After Class – a blog managed by ClassPass and dedicated to offering powerful insights and data to studio and gym owners in the fitness industry.


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