Club Pilates Expands Footprint As Lockdowns Lift In The US


CALIFORNIA, United States — Club Pilates, the largest Pilates brand in the US, has opened the doors to 21 new locations, as stay-at-home orders continue to lift across the country.

The addition of the new sites, which include Texas, Florida, Dallas and Fort Lauderdale brings the brand’s total number of studios to 615 across the country, along with venues in Canada, Japan and South Korea. 

According to Club Pilates, while some of the new studio openings had been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, franchisees have been eagerly pushing forward to take advantage of the increased interest in boutique fitness.

“As our communities come out of stay-at-home orders, we are seeing an increase in interest in our studios which have always had built-in physical distancing with more than six-feet between each personal workout station for class participants,” explained Club Pilates President Shaun Grove.

Adding: “It is due to the passion of our members and the commitment of our franchise owners that we are able to open new locations through the COVID-19 pandemic. These new studios will help us service the demand for Pilates which continues to grow across the country and around the world.” 

Originally founded in 2007, having gained traction with consumers thanks to its accessible, approachable and welcoming model, in 2015 Club Pilates was acquired by Xponential Fitness — the largest curator of boutique fitness brands in the world.

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Today, it sits alongside an impressive lineup of fitness brands such as CycleBar, Row House, AKT and Pure Barre, under the guidance of founder Anthony Geisler and his team, who have helped to propel multiple businesses into nationwide chains.

As part of Xponential’s mission to become the leading global franchisor in boutique fitness, last month the powerhouse announced the launch of a digital platform called GO, which aims to bring live and on-demand content from its umbrella of brands to the mainstream market.

“After almost a year of development and production at the newly established X-Studio in Irvine, we are excited to officially roll out premium digital offerings across all of our brands,” said Garrett Marshall of Xponential Fitness. 

“The market is saturated with digital fitness options that provide great convenience. However, we are confident GO will stand out from the crowd by being the first to match that convenience – and affordability – with an experience and the proven results that have been acquired over 19 years of these brands’ existence and 1,500 locations,” he added.

The platform, which gives users access to more than 1700 pieces of content from the eight Xponential Fitness brands, as well as a handful of third-party content from partners like Aaptiv and HyperIce, is priced at under $30 a month. 

“Xponential’s mission is to provide a comprehensive, inspiring experience for both our studio members and GO subscribers. Our GO product also compliments over 1500 brick and mortar studios around the globe that create access for our members online. By partnering with Aaptiv, the leading provider of wellness content, we are further strengthening that offering,” said Geisler of its launch.

Aaptiv’s partnership with Xponential, meanwhile, marks another success for Aaptiv Enterprise, which allows companies to license the products, content, and data expertise that Aaptiv has developed over the last four years.

The digital health company’s classes have been taken over 30 million times since the launch of its Netflix style fitness app four years ago. And, throughout that period the business has also raised $60 million from leading investors including Amazon, Disney and Insight Venture Partners. 

However, with Aaptiv Enterprise, it hopes to build a bigger business by making Aaptiv available to multiple companies.


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