We are experts on the future of wellness.

Offering specialist advisory services to high-growth wellness startups and established wellness brands expanding in existing or new markets, Welltodo works with clients to build strong brands that thrive in today’s dynamic global marketplace.

Working across all sectors of the wellness industry; including food & beverage, fitness, fashion, technology, beauty, and travel, we also advise forward-thinking companies on the impact of future trends and consumer thinking about health and wellness.

As experts on the future of wellness, our mission is to provide our clients with the tools they need to foster innovation, spark growth, and connect with consumers on a meaningful level.

Delivering valuable and strategic insights, our team of industry experts work with you to overcome challenges and encourage change, in order to meet your goals.

How We Can Help You?

Leveraging our extensive industry knowledge, backed by research, brand collaborations and our network of strategic partners, we tailor our unique set of skills to provide bespoke services and ongoing support for a wide range of different projects across digital, traditional and social mediums.

Our portfolio of services helps clients to capitalise on the wealth of opportunities present in one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing industries.

We have a proven track record in a broad range of services, including:

– Strategic Advice

We know how wellness trends will impact your brand and future. Our expert team works with clients to provide future insights, practical business solutions and the confidence to create change.

– Trend Reports

We apply our in-depth industry knowledge and expertise to produce tailored trend reports across all wellness sectors, analysing the potential impact to your business, as well as the wider industry.

– Key Market Insights

We work with clients to create personalised and bespoke market reports and insights, to help inform future business decisions and elicit growth.

– Branding Advice and Services

We work collaboratively with clients to help them transform their brand and connect with their audience more effectively.

– Focus Groups

By utilising our network of strategic partners, experts and influencers, we provide clients with highly targeted forums for discussion, enabling them to gain a deeper understanding of their audience.

– Brand Partnerships

Through our extensive network and knowledge of the wellness sector we work with clients to facilitate beneficial and targeted partnerships to boost brand awareness and positioning.

– Content Creation and Copywriting

Our writers work with clients to deliver high quality, engaging content in the form of copywriting, article writing, press releases and editing.

– Events

With a strong track record of planning and executing successful events that engage with the industry’s most influential brands and business leaders, our team can work with clients to produce events that attract a responsive and targeted audience.

– Other Business Services

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