Could Virtual Platform GOQii Boost The Health Coaching Industry?


Fitness coaching platform GOQii is set to expand to the US and China after raising $13.4m in its Series A funding round.

The Californian based company, who produce their own brand of fitness trackers, plans to disrupt the market by integrating wearable technology with human connection – a combination they argue is currently missing.

Speaking to TechCrunch, GOQii’s founder and CEO, Vishal Gondal explained:

“We believe that there is an inherent flaw in the wearable market. They are trying to sell you a piece of hardware, which most people stop using in a matter of weeks or months. But GOQii flips that,” he says.

“Most people have all the data they need about their health and fitness, but they don’t know what it means and that is how our coaches help them.”

When using GOQii’s cloud-based software, the user is able to send their data to a real-life health coach who will then give them personalised feedback based on their individual goals. But it’s not just the users who benefit.

The platform, which is compatible with 35 trackers including Fitbit, Jawbone and Misfit could have the potential to transform the health coaching industry, by enabling qualified coaches to work with up to 70 users a day.

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For health professionals looking to reach a wider audience and boost personal revenue, GOQii’s global expansion could be seen as an indication of a wider change in the sector, which is becoming increasingly mobile and thus creating more opportunities for employment.

Currently the leading fitness tracker company in India, GOQii debuted a beta program earlier this year, and plans to launch its offering publicly in early 2016.


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