Deliciously Ella Announces Closure Of Two Delis To Focus On NPD


LONDON, United Kingdom — Entrepreneur and best-selling author Ella Mills plans to focus on NPD and international expansion, following the closure of two out of three of her London delis.

The successful blogger, known as Deliciously Ella, took to Instagram last week to confirm the news to her followers, writing:

“Tomorrow we’re going to be saying goodbye to our deli at Seymour Place and Herne Hill. Seymour was Matt and my first venture together and we learnt more opening that site than we ever thought possible. It’s been a huge piece of our journey, and it’s filled with many great memories.”

She added: “We love our cosy spot on Seymour Place and all of our regulars, but as time’s gone on it has become clear that having two delis so close together doesn’t really make sense, and that we’d be better off focusing all of our attention on one deli (Weighhouse Street) and making it the absolute best experience for all of you.”

First launched in Marylebone in 2015, Mills’ chain of Mae Delis quickly expanded to a second location on Mayfair’s Weighhouse Street in 2016, a third in Herne Hill followed last year. At the same time, along with husband and business partner Matthew Mills, the healthy eating advocate has been busy expanding her range of energy balls, granolas and oat bars, which are currently stocked in a range of shops and supermarkets throughout the UK, including Starbucks, Tesco and Ocado.

Late last year, Mills told Welltodo that product was an area she planned to scale. “We’re focusing on deepening our distribution, so we’ve got some really exciting partnerships coming up with partners like Boots. And then we’re starting to look at NPD and expanding internationally, which is so exciting,” she revealed.

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In a more recent Instagram post, Mills reiterated these plans, writing:

“Together we managed to nearly triple the size of our business in the last twelve months and we now have our energy balls, oat bars, granola and muesli in 5,500 stores. As this part of the business took off we realised we only needed one deli to be our home, making it the absolute best it can be, as well as making sure we have the time to give you more of what you want: food ranges, recipes, videos, ideas and inspiration.”

But while Mills remains positive about the direction of her business empire, she has hit back at media coverage, which she argues has been quick to gloat and ridicule the deli closures.

“This, to me, is just bizarre, as people have sadly lost jobs,” she wrote.

“Running your own business is tough but I’m so proud of what we’re building at Deliciously Ella and of the forty-brilliant people in our team.”


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