Deliveroo UK Doubles Down On Wellness With New Partnerships


LONDON, United Kingdom — Food delivery platform Deliveroo has secured partnerships with bespoke meal delivery service Fresh Fitness Food and functional beverage brand Botanic Lab, as it continues to double down on healthy options for the London market.

Fresh Fitness Food’s new ‘To Go’ range is currently being distributed via Deliveroo Editions, while Botanic Lab’s CBD soft drink ‘Dutch Courage’ is available through Deliveroo’s new ‘Dispensary’ platform.

Speaking about the partnership, Botanic Lab founder & CEO Rebekah Hall said: “Today Deliveroo will innovate in the market once again creating the first CBD On Demand service, delivering our industry-shaping drink to the consumer in under 45 minutes. You know you need it, now you can get it, straight to your door.”

Tom Peters, Director of Health at Deliveroo, added: “At Deliveroo, innovation is at our core and we are constantly looking for ways of bringing new, exciting and healthier brands in the food and drink industry to our customers. We’re excited to partner with the pioneering team at Botanic Lab and launch a ‘CBD On Demand’ service’.”

News of the latest partnerships follows a string of wellness-focused initiatives Deliveroo has trialled over the past 12 months. In April the brand collaborated with healthy recipe box provider Mindful Chef to promote its new range of frozen meals, which tap into the growing trend for convenient meal solutions.

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Earlier in the year a campaign for #FeelGoodFood backed by British Nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert, a social media influencer boasting over 100k followers on Instagram, also aimed to highlight healthy options available to Deliveroo customers in the capital.

In a statement on the brand’s website, Lambert explained: “I’m thrilled to be partnering with Deliveroo to help people make balanced, informed, affordable choices. Deliveroo has undoubtedly changed the way we eat, giving people access to a huge choice of meals with just a few swipes on their smartphone.”

In an era where consumers have access to food whenever and wherever they want it, Deliveroo says that it wants to enable its customers to be more aware of what they’re eating. And make it simpler, easier and quicker to find healthy meals on its platform.

As part of the company’s long term commitment to having healthy options for all occasions and at all price points, it is also working with hundreds of restaurants to help them create brand new healthy dishes and menus.

For Fresh Fitness Food, meanwhile, the addition of its products on Deliveroo is a way for the brand to reach a wider audience and provide a healthy meal option for clients who its primary services aren’t appropriate for. 

According to Emma Rose, Project Manager at the brand: “not everyone requires, nor can afford daily plans, but the ‘to go’ range caters for everyone. Whether it’s lunch at your desk or dinner on-the-go it offers an affordable, healthy and delicious option that is also tailored to your fitness goals.” 

Having recognised that the healthy ‘ready to eat’ delivery options that are currently available are quite limited, she argues that the collaboration has given Fresh Fitness Food the “opportunity to create something varied and nutritious to offer to Deliveroo customers around London”.

Currently available for delivery to Deliveroo users in Canary Wharf, Battersea, Wandsworth and Clapham, Fresh Fitness Food’s ‘To Go’ range includes 4 main meals which are bespoke to individual goals, each accompanied by protein snack pots, sweet treats, fresh juices and protein shakes, the long term plan is to also roll out the range in some of London’s top gyms. 

“Personalised nutrition really is the future, so the market needs to adapt to that,” Rose told Welltodo.

“Deliveroo is the go-to service for many busy professionals, but it’s not always the most nutritious choice, the ‘to go’ range provides a healthy alternative. What makes us different is the resources we have, enable us to provide science-backed, nutritionist designed recipes that we know cater to the health-conscious Londoner. Each of our dishes can cater to your fitness goals and deliver ultimate convenience alongside them.”

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