Deliveroo UK To Invest £1M On Boosting Its Healthy Eating Options


LONDON, United Kingdom — Deliveroo UK has announced plans to spend £1 million on increasing the range of healthy options available on its platform, as well as supporting partner restaurants in developing healthy meals and menus. 

The fast-growing food delivery brand revealed that the number of healthy orders on Deliveroo has risen by 181% over the past 3 years, with seven in ten respondents — in a recent survey carried out by the brand — saying they want to see an increase of healthy options on food delivery apps. By tapping into this growing consumer trend, Deliveroo hopes to establish itself as a leader for nutritious, healthy and affordable takeaway options. 

“Deliveroo’s approach is simple. We want to increase the choice of delicious, healthy takeaways to our customers in 2020,” commented Will Shu, founder and CEO of Deliveroo.

 “That is why we are investing £1 million this year to develop a range of nutritious menus and support restaurants to offer healthy meals across the UK.” 

According to Deliveroo, the investment will be divided between two main focus areas: providing a consultancy service to restaurant partners to help them increase healthy options, and developing new, nutritious delivery-only brands, which will be licensed to restaurant partners.

As part of the company’s consultancy service, Deliveroo says it will harness its unique data and insights to identify suitable cuisines, dishes and price points. It will then work with selected partners to provide nutritionist support with menu design, ingredient sourcing, staff training, branding and marketing investment. This Deliveroo says, will reduce the risk for restaurant partners, as healthy options will directly reflect local consumer demand and trends. 

More generally, it is hoped the health consultancy service will accelerate the development of healthier menus across Deliveroo’s platform.

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Mexican fast-food chain Barburrito has already launched the first of these healthy menus with input from registered nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert, who is a long term collaborator of Deliveroo’s. She hopes the latest iteration of their partnership “boosts healthy eating patterns across the UK and dispels the belief that healthy food is expensive, hard to find and can’t taste delicious.” 

The outspoken influencer has also worked alongside Deliveroo to help develop the first of a new generation of nutritious, delivery-only brands for its restaurant partners to operate from their kitchens.

The first of which ‘Dream Burger’ — a range of healthy, affordable and tasty burgers and sides, has been designed and created entirely by Deliveroo, which will provide detailed guidance to restaurants on how to run the brand. 

Deliveroo argues that having reached a milestone of 4,000 healthy restaurants on the Deliveroo platform — an increase of 257% over the past three years — it has created a healthy ‘shortcut’ which makes it even easier for customers to find the healthy food they want. However, to leverage growing demand, particularly among younger consumers, for healthy food choices, the company recognises it could do more.

Despite the fact that more consumers are ordering healthy food online, exclusive polling by Deliveroo showed that 69% of respondents would like to be able to order more healthy options through food delivery apps (18% don’t) and 67% would order more regularly if there was a greater availability of healthy options (21% would not). 

By integrating itself into the infrastructure of the foodservice market, Deliveroo is not only actively responding to that demand, but employing an interesting growth strategy that it hopes can give it the edge over its competitors.


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