Digital Wellbeing Platform Hero Raises £1.3M To Shake Up Workplace Wellness


LEEDS, United Kingdom –– Hero, a digital wellbeing platform servicing individuals, organisations and communities has raised £1.3m to support the integration of workplace wellness and unlock new opportunities in the $48bn global market.

The Leeds-based business, which launched in April 2018, has quickly established itself in the workplace wellness and professional sports sectors, securing over 100 clients across the UK including the NHS, HSBC, Legal & General and Inspired Villages. Now, the company plans on rolling out its services internationally, as well as launching its first Training Club in Manchester –– which it argues will showcase what a truly holistic health and training club should look like.

Speaking about the investment, Joe Gaunt, CEO and Founder of Hero said it was an incredible endorsement of the startup’s strategy so far.

“We are now focussed on the opportunities, which this investment unlocks. Ultimately, we will be focusing on growing our reach within the UK market and launching our service in key territories overseas. Innovation will always be central to hero so exceptional product development will also continue at pace.” he revealed.

With workplace wellness continuing to move up the boardroom agenda; influencing not only HR but commercial strategy too, Hero’s digital platform, which enables employers and organisations to create a full-service solution to deliver preventive and personalised experiences for end users, is uniquely positioned to leverage this evolution.

“Businesses and operators that are forward thinking are recognising the importance of providing genuine solutions that both impact their customers/employees and as a result, deliver measurable ROI for the business,” Gaunt told Welltodo

According to the Former UK MD of WeWork, with Hero, organisations can expect to see higher participation rates thanks to its personalised approach, which focuses on every aspect of health from mindfulness, sleep, nutrition, activity, based on individual goals and objective. This activity can then be measured, benchmarked and valued to provide meaningful data.

Beyond the workplace, Hero is also focused on shaking things up. Last year the ambitious startup secured a significant deal with Moda, the leaders in Britain’s burgeoning build-to-rent market. The company’s first scheme, Angel Gardens in Manchester, opposite Amazon’s new HQ, is focused on reimagining the residential sector by promoting the benefits of a healthier approach to city centre living.

The partnership will see Hero provide a wide range of fitness and wellness services to the residential unit, as well as a 10,000 sq ft training club, which will be split into four zones – Stronger, Athletic, Cardio and Rejuvenate – and unlike traditional gyms, members will either work out with a personal trainer or as part of a group.

“We feel traditional gyms and healthcare aren’t tailored enough to individuals and don’t go far enough to provide support across all areas of personal health and preventive action,” explained Gaunt.

“So the aim is to forge a more inclusive approach to support Moda residents’ and employees physical, social and mental wellbeing.”  

Since its launch, Hero has gathered more than 50,000 data points from its wellbeing discovery surveys. This has enabled the team to advise and work with clients on clear, impactful and measurable strategies.

Last year, the rapidly growing company also acquired two businesses –– Colour-Fit; a professional sports nutrition business which works with more than 50 national and international teams and UK Wellbeing Coach; one of the leading employee health, fitness and wellbeing service companies in the UK.

Backed by its new injection of funds, Hero says development into the Colour-Fit brand will also take place, as it strives to work with more clients to deliver meaningful and measurable face-to-face wellbeing strategies and education.

Hero sees education as the long term solution to supporting personalised health and wellbeing and continues to make significant plans to enhance its commitment to this.

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