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LONDON, United Kingdom — New London-based fitness concept 12×3 bridges the grit and grime of a proper boxing club with the high-end trappings of the boutique fitness model.

Offering real coaching and conditioning methods, from elite level boxers and coaches, each session is structured around 12 rounds of 3 minutes and can be done on an individual or four-to-one basis. This level of personal attention ensures all participants see rapid results, both physically and mentally, while catering to the specific needs and goals of each individual.

The brainchild of former world champion Darren Barker and gold medal winner Ryan Pickard; 12×3 embodies the spirit of the world-famous Repton Boxing Club in Bethnal Green.

Having learnt to box at Repton under the guidance of legendary coach Tony Burns MBE,  the duo found the courage, discipline, and fighting spirit required to take on the world and win. With 12×3 they hope to give others the chance to develop that same winning mentality and feel part of a friendly community.

“In boxing, the most important thing is to be mentally strong and never give up,” explained Barker.

“12×3 is all about taking those principles and applying them both in and out of the ring.”

Pairing the essence and expertise of an authentic boxing club with a luxury, modern aesthetic, 12×3 has created an accessible and welcoming training environment that hits hard. Focusing on the 6 key areas of training needed to excel in boxing, sessions revolve around strength, stamina, speed, footwork, timing and mindset.

The club’s intimate nature and bespoke sessions target an audience that wants to be pushed, with the backing of an experienced coach.

According to 12×3 a true champion isn’t always the fittest, the fastest, the strongest or the smartest, but is someone who is empowered with self-belief and strength of mind. With that in mind, the club’s founding mantra derived from Repton ‘No Guts No Glory’ focuses on inner strength as the most important asset to becoming a champion.

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