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LONDON, United Kingdom — Bee Energised combines organic bee pollen, matcha and spirulina with B vitamins to help improve energy and focus.

Launching into all of Holland and Barrett’s UK & Irish stores this month, the natural supplement helps resolve ongoing issues of fatigue without the jitters and crashes often associated with caffeine.

Created by ethical socent brand Unbeelievable Health, the high-quality supplement uses bee superfoods such as propolis & bee pollen to boost overall wellbeing, while tapping into the demand for natural performance enhancing solutions.

Produced from resins which bees collect from buds of plants and trees, the product’s hero ingredient – bee propolis, has natural antibiotic and antimicrobial properties.

Launched six years under the advisement of a team of nutritional scientists and formulation experts, the brand’s Bee Prepared range quickly hit the shelves of a number of key health retailers including Wholefoods, Planet Organic & Revital. Today, the products are sold in over 1000 stores around the world.

In a bid to support bee causes, Unbeelievable Health currently donates a portion of its proceeds to bee efforts & research. The brand argues that by helping create demand for sustainably and ethically sourced bee products, it encourages more people to keep bees which is crucial to the survival of honeybee colonies.

The innovative range, which contains some of nature’s most extraordinary and beneficial immune support ingredients sourced from hives, fields and forests is also Vegetarian Society approved.

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Unbeelievable Health

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