Discover: Bioniq’s AI-Driven Personalised Supplements

As we highlighted in our 2020 Consumer Wellness Trends Report, with the future of health and wellness continuing to point towards a more individual and informed approach, for forward-thinking brands racing to deliver next-gen iterations that stand out from the crowd, personalisation needs to revolve around more granular and actionable insights, in order to capture the imagination of consumers. Bioniq, a pioneering, research-based health system is striving to do just that.

A subscription-based, bespoke supplement service, Bioniq cross-analyses and tracks the health and nutritional status of its customers to provide in-depth information and recommendations based on their personal data, blood test results and the company’s own unique algorithm. The result is a bespoke cocktail of vitamins sent directly to the customer, each month.

Through regular testing and monitoring, the intelligent system evolves and adapts alongside each individual throughout their journey, to support them in real-time, tackling any issues revolving around nutrition, hormones, energy, fatigue, stress and other wellness concerns.

Like so many of today’s groundbreaking concepts, artificial intelligence lies at the heart of the bespoke service. A unique algorithm developed by Bioniq, based on the biochemical analysis of over 2 million data points, taken from 30,000 blood tests, supports the recommendations made by the brand’s team of health experts. The information generated by the algorithm, together with access to individual data enables the company’s experts to gain real insight into the health status of each customer so they can make accurate and effective recommendations. 

Not only does the algorithm determine which supplements an individual should be taking but also which biochemical markers, including genetics and microbiomes, need to be tested on a bi-monthly basis. This informs which supplements should be included in an individual’s bespoke formula and if/when it needs to be amended.

The idea is that health optimisation comes from a process of trial and observation, and Bioniq is positioning itself as the vehicle in which to steer that journey. Bioniq customers can also login to a personalised dashboard, receive personalised nutrition advice from a qualified professional, and monitor their overall health status. 

With the personalised nutrition market expected to reach $50 billion in value by 2025, and big players including Nestle making their move into the category with the acquisition of Persona, Bioniq will need to gear up for increased competition.

However, by becoming part of the wider lifestyle choices and habits of health-conscious consumers, it has the potential to anchor itself as an ongoing, evidence-based and interactive way for them to connect the dots between intention and action.

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