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NEW YORK, United States — Daily Harvest, a startup delivering frozen, ready-to-blend, pre-portioned smoothie ingredients to customers, is expanding into the world of soup.

The innovative company, targeting health-conscious and busy consumers, now delivers ready-to-heat soups as part of its mission to ‘make fresh, organic ingredients in innovative forms accessible and convenient to everyone in America.’

Founded by New Yorker Rachel Drori, a busy mum who found herself hankering after an easier way to recreate Instagram-worthy smoothies, Daily Harvest offers subscriptions of 6, 12, or 18 cups. Starting at $48 a week for six cups, customers can now split their orders between soups and smoothies.

Featuring ingredients that are picked at peak maturity, then flash frozen to maintain farm-fresh nutrient density and flavor, without using preservatives or added sugar, “farm frozen foods are harvested at peak maturity when nutrient content is highest, Drori told InStyle.

“The freezing process effectively locks in the beneficial vitamins and nutrients so there is a higher concentration upon consumption.”

Packaged in stylishly branded and easily transportable cups, customers can pick between varieties including mushroom and miso, carrot and coconut, zucchini and black garlic – all of which have been created by a team of nutritionists.

With plans to increase its soup offering over the coming months, Daily Harvest is set to continue leveraging the demand for nutritional, convenient options that take the stress out of healthy eating.

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