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LONDON, United Kingdom — DOSE, a digital publication for the wellness consumer, fuses health and hedonism in a bid to address the new shift surrounding the quest for wellness.

Covering fitness, food and drinking, with features designed to entertain and capture the attention of urban, time-poor Londoners, DOSE hinges on the idea of balance as the new measure of wellness.

Targeting both a male and female demographic that live for experiences that tap into their psyche, content on the site ranges from HIIT training and spinning reviews, nutrition advice and mindful approaches to drinking.

“DOSE readers want to be healthier, without missing out on London’s vibrant scene”, explained Shara Tochia, co-founder of DOSE. “They are not striving for an unreachable ideal but just looking for ways to feel good.”

Both Tochia and co-founder Hettie Holmes, are well-versed in London’s wellness scene, having spent the last six years working for and helping to launch wellness startups including 1Rebel and FaceGym. The duo, who wanted to create a community where fitness, fuel and better drinking could exist in the same space, hope to push the philosophy that feeling good should take priority over anything else.

DOSE, an acronym for the chemicals dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins, all of which are responsible for helping humans to overcome and enjoy life’s experiences, rests on the fact we’re all striving for happiness, explained Holmes.

“Our bodies already contain the formula. It’s just learning how to tap into what makes us feel good,” she added.

Presenting a balance of exercise, eating well and mindful drinking, Tochia and Holmes are giving consumers the tools they need to figure out exactly what their unique DOSE of wellness should be. A mindset that many leading brands, influencers and entrepreneurs from the wellness industry are also starting to get behind.

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Image: DOSE founders Shara Tochia and Hettie Holmes


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