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Renowned the world over for its premium bottled water, the springs of Evian in South Eastern France have now become the central tenet behind Equilibre3, a wellness programme recently launched at the Hotel Royal on Lake Geneva.

The now infamous town of Evian-les-Bains, truly a paradise of tranquility and calm, will play host this summer to one of Europe’s most authentic wellness experiences – incorporating the famous daily ‘cure’ (1.5 litres of water directly from the Evian spring). For some, visiting the town of Evian is a life-changing experience – and many return year after year.

In Evian, it is said that to ‘take the water’ is to embark on a purifying journey which can aid in the treatment of various ailments; such that visits to the town’s spa for French nationals are subsidised by the health system when prescribed by a doctor.

The Hotel Royal, a 5-star resort spread across a stunning 47-acre property, has designed an exclusive 3-day reboot which includes detox treatments each day, three balanced meals devised by its in-house nutritionist, three muscle wake-up sessions with a coach— and of course access to the mineral enriched spa.

With a personal trainer on site to guide guests through a morning workout – encompassing Nordic walking, stretching, jogging around the picturesque gardens, and a range of other indoor activities where preferred (yoga, pilates etc); the programme allows for enjoyment of the beautiful hotel grounds.

To restore, the hotel’s own Spa Evian Source offers a series of revitalising and restorative spa treatments using conscious skincare brand, Comfort Zone. From body scrubs and crystal healing massage, to more traditional Thai massage, hydromassage, and facial treatments; there is something for everyone – and opportunity to explore various alternative therapies across the three-day experience.

Under the supervision of Head Chef, Patrice Vander, the Hotel Royal has crafted a special menu which celebrates French cuisine but also embodies a clean, nutritious approach. You won’t find baguette or fromage featuring heavily on this menu; making this a different kind of French escape to be embraced.

The 3 day Equiibre3 programme offers a chance to kick-start intentions and restore balance to the body and mind. Starting from €1,555 p/person, the programme includes 3 nights (based on double occupancy) at the Hotel Royal, 3 detox treatments each day, 3 balanced meals, and 3 fitness sessions with a coach.

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Evian Resort - wellness

Image: Evian Resort

Evian Resort

Image: Evian Resort


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