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LONDON, United Kingdom — Food-tech startup Feedr is connecting London’s most innovative food vendors with the capital’s workforce, in a bid to revolutionise the way people eat at work.

The platform, which supports more than 80 of London’s healthy, artisan food suppliers, including Deliciously Ella, Maple & Fitz, Farmstand, Pollen & Grace, Detox Kitchen and more, has delivered over 40,000 meals to 300+ London businesses since its launch in 2016. Co-Founders Riya Grover and Lyz Swanton have ambitions to serve 10,000 meals weekly by May 2019.

“As opposed to others in the market, we take a highly curated approach, carefully vetting vendors to ensure we work with only the best healthy, ethical eateries,” explain Grover and Swanton.

By specifically choosing vendors that use fresh produce, with many using locally sourced, organic produce and 80% using 100% recyclable packaging, they hope to distance the platform from more established players such as Deliveroo and Ubereats. But more than that, Feedr aims to reinvent food in the workplace.

One way the innovative startup is doing so is by building and utilising machine learning algorithms to drive corporate catering personalisation, enabling employees to order healthy meals at the office via its innovative ‘Cloud Canteen’ service.

“We were excited by the idea of an online menu with options that reflect the way you want to eat,” the duo reveal.

Food-tech startup Feedr is connecting London’s most innovative food vendors with the capital’s workforce, in a bid to revolutionise the way people eat at work.

Image: Feedr

“Cloud Canteen is exactly that. Rotating daily menus from the best vendors in London, and more importantly, menus that are increasingly personalised to your tastes and preferences.”

According to Grover and Swanton, the capital’s workers are increasingly time constrained and often only have time to choose lunch from somewhere less than a 5 min walk from their office. “By delivering great options at the workplace, it not only provides office workers with more variety but also saves time, a precious commodity in today’s society,” they argue.

Featuring rotating menus, selected from two of its vendors each day, the cloud canteen allows users to individually place orders in the morning, and have their meals delivered to them collectively, at lunchtime. The service also enables businesses to provide a variety of subsidisation models to its workers – giving employees an additional perk.

Having initially raised £550,000 via a seed round from high profile angel investors, including Errol Damelin, Wonga Co-Founder and investor in Farmdrop, Feedr recently completed a successful crowdfunding campaign through CrowdCube, raising £590,450 in 6 weeks.

With plans to use the new funds to scale its sales team and significantly enhance its technology for greater personalisation and workplace integration, the end goal is to launch Feedr in more companies, and ultimately reach more employees.

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