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LONDON, United Kingdom — Free Soul, a new generation lifestyle brand, has ambitions to support women’s health through straight talking and honest nutritional products.

Launched last year, the British startup features whey and vegan protein powders, nutritional tablets aimed at boosting female physical, psychological and hormonal health, and two teas designed for both morning and evening consumption.

For Founder Arjun Sofat, the brand reflects his vision to innovate and impact the women’s supplement market from a variety of angles that aren’t usually given attention.

“It’s about staying ahead of the curve, we’re constantly looking at ways to innovate from a product perspective and create products that nobody else is selling,” he argues.

Backed by real science, Free Soul’s products contain a mix of carefully sourced, premium ingredients to help promote optimum performance, wellbeing and weight management. In addition to working with Doctor Adam Cunliffe to innovate on the brand’s ingredients such as Tie Guan yin oolong and Peruvian Maca, Sofat has ensured that each finished product has been independently verified in a lab in the UK.

“Everything we have on the back of our products and on our labels has been scientifically backed independently,” he explains.

According to the 23-year-old, competitors tend to play on the insecurities of women through branding and shock factor, so with Free Soul he has taken a different route. Instead, the former Financial Analyst has made sure the branding promotes inclusivity, transparency and female empowerment.

“We wanted to create a brand that people want to be associated with and feel empowered by. It’s all about being positive – that really is the ethos of the company,” says Sofat.

The eye-catching packaging and punchy taglines such as ‘be your own hero’ and ‘not just protein in a pretty pink pack’ highlight Sofat’s core brand values, while targeting female consumers who have become tired of stereotypical and out-dated marketing.

Already on the shelves of Revital nationwide, and available online through its own website and via Amazon, over next 12 months with Free Soul Sofat hopes to create a positive impact on society by keeping the brand’s core values intact and spreading the message that women deserve real nutrition.

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Free Soul, a new generation lifestyle brand, has ambitions to support women’s health through straight talking and honest nutritional products.

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