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LONDON, United Kingdom — Distilled from the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine, the Hayo’u Method aims to bring popular Eastern wellness practices into the mainstream market.

Created by Chinese Practitioner Katie Brindle, the technique tackles everything from stress and fatigue to problematic skin, through forms of self-treatment that are accessible and easily understood. The method which offers one-minute solutions, is as “easy and effective as brushing your teeth,” says Brindle.

As a strong advocate of Western and Chinese Medicine working symbiotically for optimum health, Brindle argues that few people in the West appreciate its focus on self-treatment. More widely, Chinese medicine is still often misunderstood, mistrusted and un-contextualised, this is a problem Hayo’u has set out to change.

Based on four daily self-treatments using techniques and tools that are most effective in protecting the body from stress: Gua Sha self-massage, Qi Gong and conscious cleansing, the Hayo’u Method claims to result in radiant, younger looking skin, significantly reduce body tension and aid better sleep. It can also be used to boost energy, decrease anxiety and bolster the immune system.

In an attempt to provide a quick and convenient solution to common everyday problems, the rituals revolve around normal routines such as bathing or showering. This Brindle argues makes them easier to stick to.

According to Spafinder “there is no more powerful consumer trend across the developed world than the hunger for all things authentic and indigenous.” Hayo’u is channelling that momentum by structuring the principles of Chinese medicine into simple daily wellness practices, that anybody can implement.

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Image: Hayo'u Method

Image: Hayo’u Method

Hayo'u Method

Image: Hayo’u Method



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