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LONDON, United Kingdom — Plant-based elixir brand humble warrior plans to leverage the growing interest in adaptogens with innovative ready to drink range featuring Eastern super-plants.

Created with Ayurvedic experts and nutritionists, each of the brand’s plant-based elixirs blend water and plant extracts to combat stress and restore balance. One hundred percent natural, organic and vegan, each beverage contains stress-fighting plants from the east, targeting the strains of a busy, modern lifestyle.

“The world is changing fast. The incredible benefits of plants, which have been revered for centuries in the east, are now becoming accepted as a hugely valuable part of a healthy lifestyle in the west,” explains Rosh Field, Co-Founder of humble warrior.

“Eastern wisdom, from Ayurveda to Chinese medicine, underpins so much of the plant-based eating and drinking we are now seeing take centre stage. humble warrior’s elixirs have been formulated with these ancient traditions at their heart and we are truly excited to share it with UK consumers for the first time.”

Founded by Field and her husband, the idea for humble warrior was conceived after returning from a trip to visit family in Sri Lanka.

“I was longing for the natural plant-based food and drink I could get over there,” explains Field. “But it just wasn’t available in any appealing, convenient format in the UK.”

Plant-based elixir brand humble warrior plans to leverage the growing interest in adaptogens with innovative ready to drink range featuring Eastern super-plants.

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Taking things into their own hands, the duo decided to share their knowledge of ancient Ayurvedic and eastern wisdom, to create humble warrior, launching the brand in May of this year.

The first ready to drink range that exclusively promotes Eastern super-plants –  including adaptogens, humble warrior’s elixirs are available in three flavours: Lunar Nectar; made with adaptogenic reishi, cacao and chamomile, Tiger Spring; made with adaptogenic panax ginseng, turmeric and cinnamon, and Divine Oasis; made with adaptogenic tulsi, matcha and ginger, Divine Oasis is a delicious elixir of water and plant extracts. The aim is to present drinks with a meaningful amount of hero super-plants that appeal to consumers looking for food and drink products that help them manage their overall wellbeing.

According to humble warrior, plant-based eating and drinking is the third leg of the east to west revolution. With yoga and mindfulness now firmly entrenched, people are starting to adapt their diet to draw on tried and tested plant-based ingredients and approaches from the east and humble warrior wants to play a meaningful part in bringing more of these amazing natural ingredients to a new generation of consumers.

Currently stocked in Planet Organic, as well as a range of independent organic retailers, cafes, online stores and yoga studios around the UK, humble warrior already has plans to introduce new products to its portfolio.

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