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LONDON, United Kingdom — The London Wellness Guide celebrates a new era of wellness by showcasing an inspiring collection of the capital’s juice bars, healthy eateries, boutique fitness studios and more.

Leveraging the profound shift in the way people consume wellness, not only does the guide compile the best places to eat out, get in shape and mindfully unwind, it also brings to light the innovative concepts that are grabbing hold of London’s wellness scene. From the rise of social fitness and the abundance of creativity within the health food category to the emergence of the subscription model, it highlights just how huge the behemoth known as wellness has become.

Produced by strategic research consultancy firm Allegra; the company behind London’s Balance Festival— a three-day event which brought together an audience of key brands, retailers, manufacturers and investors across the UK’s Health and Wellness market— the guide acts as an essential educational resource.

With curated contributions from leading experts and wellness influencers, covering topics from nutrition to exercise, mindfulness and more, the guide’s diverse range of content highlights the continual growth of London’s wellness industry.

From health food coach and blogger, Madeleine Shaw, who explores healthy eating on a budget to Triyoga Founder Jonathan Sattin sharing his fascinating journey through the world of yoga in London, the book leverages the flourishing world of wellness to pioneer a new category of guide books.

Offering a wealth of new and exciting ways to spend precious time and money in the UK’s vibrant capital city, as well as exploring the evolution of the wellness industry, The London Wellness Guide is the ultimate companion for anyone interested in one of the world’s largest, fastest growing, and most resilient markets.

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