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LONDON, United Kingdom — London’s newest fitness studio Metabolic London, marks the launch of the capital’s very first boutique group rowing class.

Founded by ex-premier league hockey player Lawrence Hannah (a specialist in HIIT and functional training) with shareholder investment from Olympian, Denise Lewis, the studio promises to provide the toughest of classes in the industry. Workouts have been designed in such a way that both experienced athletes and beginners can train side by side.

Moving away from the nightclub-esque fitness studios that have taken London by storm, Metabolic’s studio is the polar opposite. Instead, the brand argues that there are no unnecessary frills nor a DJ insight, just consistency, integrity, informative education and transformative results— all of which are delivered by the capital’s most elite and resilient trainers in the industry.

With ambitions to be a game-changer in the market, the integration of Meta-Row, London’s very first boutique group rowing class, positions Metabolic as pioneers in London’s fitness industry. The class, which offers a low impact total body cardio interval workout on the rower, mixed with strength and conditioning drills, has been designed to push participants past their comfort zones.

“For us it’s all about the fitness, physical and mental, I love what is happening in the London fitness scene at present, but I am coming at it from a slightly different angle – we want to offer a more technical, educational and above all approachable fitness experience,” explained Hannah, who created the fitness concept.

At 4000 sq ft, the vast studio boasts high ceilings, epic natural lighting and is equipped with kettlebells, plyo boxes, rings, battle ropes, sleds, rowers and more, while a private hire PT studio occupies the downstairs basement.

Understanding Londoners time strained fast-paced way of life, Metabolic has also introduced Quick HIIT: a daily lunchtime HIIT blitz, devised to deliver fat blasting results in a compressed period of time. Additionally, guests will find Meta-Circuits on the timetable: an old-school gymnasium circuit training set-up devised for teamwork that instills a community feel that resonates at the core of the Metabolic ethos.

According to Hannah, the immediate goal is to make guests feel better leaving than when they walked in, This he says is guaranteed through Metabolic’s uncompromising approach to hard work and quality of training.

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