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NEW YORK, United States  Mother Dirt’s groundbreaking products are the first products created in order to nurture the good bacteria of the skin.

Hoping to build awareness and camaraderie across the industry, Mother Dirt is on a mission to help consumers cut down on chemicals and create a world where clean means healthy.

According to Mother Dirt, research has shown that constant disruption of our skin ecosystem through daily use of products could leave the skin more prone to issues long term, similar to findings in the gut microbiome.

In tandem with AOBiome, Mother Dirt’s parent company and its clinical division for research on inflammatory skin diseases, Mother Dirt is dispelling the notion that all bacteria are harmful.

AOBiome continuously generates groundbreaking research on the microbial world and our skin’s ecosystem, in an effort to curb inflammatory skin issues such as acne which have skyrocketed over the past century.

In addition to a biome-friendly moisturiser, Mother Dirt’s offering includes a facial mist, a shampoo, and a face and body cleanser, all of which are preservative-free, and allow users to cut down on products that could negatively impact both the natural state of their skin and the environment.

Our mission is to vigorously research and discover formulations for products that will replenish and support the good bacteria once found on our skin, which has been stripped away by modern chemistry and lifestyles, explained Mother Dirt President Jasmina Aganovic.

Available to buy via the company’s website, as well as selected stockists across the US, every purchase of Mother Dirt funds AOBiome’s research in skin health.

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