Discover: NUK SOO


LONDON, United Kingdom — NUK SOO, the brand new concept from longstanding fitness trainer and mastermind behind Methodology X – Dan Roberts, is an online programme featuring fitness, lifestyle and self-development plans inspired by the world of martial arts.

Blending martial arts influenced exercises with bodyweight conditioning principles from a range of disciplines including Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Capoeira, Boxing, Muay Thai, Taekwondo and Kenpo, the programme takes inspiration from Roberts’ professional career, and taps into the growing demand for fitness solutions that embody a more holistic approach.

For Roberts’ ‘mental training’ has always been the same as physical and technical training in sports, which is why mindful training flows throughout the programme. According to the fitness guru, it is known that mindful exercise can also increase motivation, so incorporating that element into the 90-day plan was a considered technique to help encourage users to finish.

In addition, the mental component to NUK SOO coaches members to embody the warrior spirit by helping them to build resilience, patience and discipline, whereas the suggested harder exercise modifications and rep patterns ensure that it never stops being a physical challenge.

Form my experience, people want more than just aesthetics and as a society, we are gaining more and more awareness of personal wellbeing,” commented Roberts.

“I think there is huge demand for fitness programmes that sincerely and effectively take into account the mental side of life. The mind and body are intrinsically linked and to get the body you love you have to work on the relationship you have with your body, not just make it bigger, smaller and firmer etc.”

Having established the Dan Roberts Group in 2002 — a wellness organisation committed to raising the bar on how fitness training is defined, consumed and delivered across the world — Roberts has built a reputation in London as one of the leading private coaching practices for athletes, musicians, actors and models.

However, the industry veteran recognises that most people are unable to train in the way his high-profile clients can, but still have the desire to get fit in both body and mind. With that in mind, after taking a year off from his coaching to train full-time and compete professionally as a Muay Thai fighter in Asia, he decided to combine his newfound love for martial arts with the belief that exercise should be accessible to everyone.

As a hybrid self-development and fitness program that touches on every aspect of wellness, Roberts argues that NUK SOO offers a truly holistic experience. And, he says, provides a solution for consumers that are bored with fads or quick fixes.

With plans to develop NUK SOO into a fitness class and a personal trainer qualification as he has done with Methodology X, Roberts hopes to show consumers that his latest venture isn’t just a workout. “This a new way of training that connects the mind and body, which inspires an athletic life, and ultimately a new life philosophy,” he concludes.


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