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LONDON, United Kingdom — Leading UK Health brand Rebel Kitchen is expanding its presence in the free-from milk sector, with the release of its newest range, Mylk. Featuring a selection of plant-based drinks that encompass the creamy texture and rich taste of real dairy products, the range claims to offer a closer experience to cow’s milk.

According to Rebel Kitchen, the products break industry boundaries by filling a gap in the market for healthy and sustainable plant-based alternatives to milk that are creamy, white and rich in flavour.

Made up of six simple ingredients that are blended together to replicate the identical flavouring of cow’s milk, but are untreated and suitable for vegans, the innovative range joins Rebel Kitchen’s existing free-from flavoured ‘mylk drinks’, as well as its bottled coconut water.

Each base is made up of organic coconut cream, followed by organic brown rice milk and nutritional yeast, all of which ensure a foundation palate that is sweet with elements of grassy notes.

In keeping with the idea of replicating real dairy products, the British startup has also created a unique shopping experience, where Mylk can be bought either in whole, semi-skimmed or skimmed variants. This allows consumers to have freedom of choice when it comes to their preferred fat content, while mirroring the traditional British milk aisle experience, which is associated with the iconic blue, green or red bottle tops.

“The definition of a ‘Rebel’ is to ‘question the norm’ and that is exactly what we’re doing with our launch of Mylk,” explained Rebel Kitchen Co-Founder and MD, Tamara Arbib.

“ We’ve all grown up shopping the milk aisle based on our preference for the red, green or blue tops. Then when entering the plant based arena, you have to make a decision from almond through to soya but none of them are really delivering on taste – until now.”

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