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LONDON, United Kingdom  — PHIZZ is an effervescent tablet created to rehydrate and replenish the vitamins and minerals lost through the consumption of alcohol, frequent travelling and active lifestyles.

Featured in this year’s coveted Grammy Awards goody bags, the innovative tablets available in convenient and compact tubes of 10 or 20, help to unlock the body’s energy and support mental performance.

Designed to provide a healthy solution to the pitfalls of pleasure-seeking 21st-century lifestyles, the product, which is available in Ocado in the UK and via Amazon, was developed by a multinational team of scientists in a Swiss laboratory. The gluten free, vegan and dairy free pills contain a mix of B vitamins, magnesium, glucose, copper and more.

Having already shipped over 400,000 units in 12 months, the cult brand is cementing itself as a game-changer for regular travellers, high-flying entrepreneurs and more surprisingly – athletes.

Thanks to certification from Informed Sport, which provides assurance to athletes that the tablets adhere to the World Anti-doping laboratory standards, the brand has won endorsement from high-profile athletes including Austrian pro snowboarder Philipp Kundratitz

Add to that, partnerships with global travel brands including Uber and Emirates, and the startup’s ambition to take the travel market by storm looks well on course to completion.

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